Friday 10 July 2015

ColdFusion 2016: Before I get all NDA-ed up

This was a pleasing email to get:

Invitation to join the ColdFusion Raijin/Blizzard Prerelease Program!

Because of your knowledge and interest in ColdFusion & ColdFusion Builder, you have been selected to participate in the Prerelease program of the next versions of ColdFusion codenamed 'Raijin' and ColdFusion Builder codenamed ‘Blizzard’. This program provides early access to the upcoming release.

I take my NDAs fairly seriously, so once I sign it, I'll not be able to say much, but I'll get in now and say I'm looking forward to seeing what ColdFusion 2016 has on offer, and I intend to put as much effort into testing it as I can.

If you've not signed up for the programme yet and would like to help Adobe out, or indeed help your community out and help shape the future of CFML... it's perhaps not too late to hit Adobe up: "Pre-release for the next version of ColdFusion".

If yer already on the programme... I look fwd to working with y'all (again) for this release.

Because I will be under NDA, I'll not be able to share anything about what's in there unless I get permission to, and it also means I'll probably be dedicating my free time to testing ColdFusion 2016, rather than wittering on on this blog, I'm afraid.

Anyway, this is cool news and I'm looking forward to seeing what ColdFusion 2016 has to offer...