Wednesday 17 June 2015

ColdFusion 2016 is coming...

Just repeating news I heard from elsewhere. The ColdFusion 2016 pre-release is going to be opened up shortly. This is interesting stuff! There's a blog article soliciting participation: "Pre-release for the next version of ColdFusion". Currently whilst they mention a link, it's not actually there. I have pointed this out, so am sure it'll be fixed shortly.


Here's a direct link, as posted on Twitter by Rakshith:

Do sign-up. Adobe can use all the community voices they can muster to help them with the direction of CFML.

I'll be putting my name down, but I didn't last long in the pre-release last time due to disillusionment with their focus, which was all about <cfclient> in the earlier stages. This was a mistake on my part as they did then go on to do some interesting stuff later on.

I do hope Adobe don't have another <cfclient>-esque "feature" up their sleeves this time. Time will tell.

I also hope they are more open and less "NDA hush hush" about it this time. The industry has moved on from that sort of approach. They'd be much better served by getting the thing out in the open and getting as many bums on seats looking at it as possible.

Anyway... get over there and put yer name down.