Friday 12 June 2015

CFML/Lucee/Railo: Geoff Bowers does a good job of presenting Lucee's position on things

Kai and Mark (with guest Geoff Bowers) have released a fascinating 2DDU today (depending on which timezone you're in). 'ere 'tis: "Episode 38 - Lucee, the fork and open-source licenses".

If you're interested in the whole Railo v Lucee thing ("Railo speaks at long last", "A message from the majority shareholder of The Railo Company", and all manner of other conversations about the place), or have concerns - I fall into the latter group - Geoff does a very good job of presenting Lucee's situation. It's certainly restored a lot of my confidence in the situation (from Lucee's perspective), which given how cynical I am, represents a pretty good effort on his part.

Nice one.

Anyway, go listen to it.