Friday 1 May 2015

Clarification / retraction re Lucee community participation

I mean to post this y/day, but forgot.

Brad pointed out I've been talking porkies about Lucee's popularity / community size:

Also, you and Sean are spreading what I believe are misleading "facts" about the "fragmentation" of the community. Firstly, the total number of members is no indication of the number of active members. Any list will accumulate old accounts after a few years, but that doesn't make it more active. Adam you said there is "so little traffic on the [google group]". Let's take a look at the stats.!aboutgroup/railo!aboutgroup/lucee

Before the Lucee announcement, the Railo list averaged 496 posts a month on 87 topics. Since its inception, the Lucee list has averaged 1,137 posts a month on 83 topics! That's pretty much the exact same number of topics and over TWICE the posting traffic.

To save you some time, here are the stats on those pages:



So, indeed, Lucee's actually had more traffic than Railo tended to get in the last few months of its relevance, and certainly not in a "within a margin of error" sort of factor either: it's clearly more traffic. I think it's reasonably to conclude that there will be a blip of interest when new things come along, so I'd expect the Lucee traffic to settle down over time, but this still doesn't make my assertion that "the community is a bit dilute" accurate. I was basing that observation on my instinct that there simply wasn't much going on in the Lucee community compared to the Railo one, but I did indeed "analyse" that incorrectly.

I think the rest of what Brad said was bullshit and a wee bit froth-mouthed, but fair's fair... I was wrong about the community traffic... that seems quite healthy, compared to the Railo days. Cool.

That said, I still don't see the need for the second forum, and stand by the rest of what I said in the article Brad was responding to. It's worth reading Alex's comment on said article too, though.

Cheers for setting me straight, mate.