Wednesday 29 April 2015

Lucee: issue tracker has moved to Jira

Well here's some good news - which happened to catch me out last night - Lucee have completed the switch from BitBucket to Jira for their issue tracking.

They've mentioned it on the Lucee Google Group - Issue Tracker now moved to JIRA - but not on their blog yet, so I figured I'm mention it here. The new URL is:

I shifted my account over on the weekend, and it all seems to have migrated fine. Andrew needed to help me get into my account as neither the passwords or email addresses migrated, so I could neither login nor reset my password, but Andrew had that sorted pretty quick.


No, the migration was not fine. Everyone's votes seem to have been lost! I'll follow this up with Andrew and report back.

[later] I spoke with Andrew and there's nowt to be done. I've gone through and re-voted for the stuff that matters to me; I recommend you do the same.

Now... I have linked through to a number of Lucee issues and what not in various articles here... I now need to go change them manually to point to their equivalent's in Jira. I'll crack on with that now, but if after about two hours' time you come across broken issue links: please let me know. No doubt I won't find all of them.

BitBucket's issue tracking was a bit rough around the edges, so it's good news they've moved to Jira. Maybe somehow we can convince Adobe to do the same for the ColdFusion bugbase, eh?