Friday 17 April 2015

Lucee 5 beta: new beta

The Lucee Team are continuing to have a pretty good release cycle with the beta updates: has just been pushed out. There's a few things I raised in there which is pleasing. It's only quite a small release - eight issues fixed - but this is cool when the release cycle is so short.

The release notes were posted to the Lucee Google Group - "New Beta Release (" - but they're short enough for me to copy and paste here:

Tickets solved:

[ LDEV-288 ] syntax error in component.lucee
[ LDEV-287 ] Listener mode modern invokes Application.cfm files
[ LDEV-286 ] duplicate check in duplication get not cleaned
[ LDEV-264 ] Remoting nullPointerException for ALL errors thrown
[ LDEV-269 ] Static constructor not supported in tag-based CFCs
[ LDEV-275 ] Possible incorrect OO terminology usage
[ LDEV-276 ] javaProxy() (and webserviceProxy()) poorly named
[ LDEV-274 ] Typo "you cannot extend the final component "

It can be downloaded from here: "Current Releases". I'm about to turn in for the evening, but I'll update & check it out tomorrow.

Good work, Lucee Team.