Saturday 11 October 2014

If you're missing the @CFMLNotifier feed: @CFNotifications has picked up the slack

SSIA, really. Adam Tuttle just asked if I still did the @CFMLNotifier Twitter feed; I do not.

But there's the @CFNotifications feed which covers the same ground, and does a more polished job of it than I ever did. This new feed is managed by Stephen Walker, of @cfuser fame.

I still seem to be emitting the RSS feeds for the "50 Most recent bugs" for ColdFusion and ColdFusion Builder, but that's only because I have not disabled them. I'm not in any rush to disable them, but I will surrender my Railo hosting with CFMLDeveloper at some point, at which point they will unceremoniously cease to exist.

So if this is a resource you find helpful, perhaps you might like to take them over from me, like Stephen did with CFMLNotifier? All the code is up on GitHub, it'd just be a matter of hosting it (the files are adobeBugRss.cfm and adobeCfbBugRss.cfm, and a coupla other files which are easy to find in that and adjacent directories). I'm old-school, and I like RSS feeds: maybe you do too :-)


Stephen's picked-up the RSS feeds too:

At the very least, I think we should all say thanks to Stephen for picking up the Twitter feed. I found @CFMLNotifier bloody useful, and I continue to keep an eye on @CFNotifications.

Cheers Stephen.