Friday 20 December 2013

Bouquet for Adobe: Frank Jennings is a star

Myself along with a coupla others gave the poor quality of the ColdFusion docs a bit of a battering on Twitter last night:

And it continues...

But, as has always been the case, Frank gets back to us and gets follows it all up straight away:

Sean's right - thanks Frank, yer a dude. And it's really good to see Frank shouldering responsibility here ("when we r screwing up...") despite the fact he just runs the site, he didn't write any of the docs, and all this cruft existed already before he had it dumped on him.

Obviously the ColdFusion documentation are a critical piece of the whole ColdFusion package, so it's really encouraging seeing someone take it seriously. Now if only the ColdFusion team themselves could, too. Still: if we badger and harry, we'll get there.

Also Frank raises a very good point which is worth being reminded about: we can all pitch in making the ColdFusion docs a better place... sign up to become a moderator so that if you see something wrong / missing / subpar in the docs... you can fix it! I've patched a few things in there already, and will continue to do so as I see stuff needing attention (more on that soon...).

So... Frank... mate, you're a bloody legend. Keep up the good work.