Monday 23 September 2013

Thank F*** that fell foul of the Adobe Forums moderators

I got this in the email this morning:

You have received this email because the content you posted below has been rejected by our moderators.

And what was it that I said to warrant this?

(NSFW content below the fold)

Someone posted this on the ColdFusion forums:

Does Adobe Story have speech control? (The computer reads back the script to you like in final draft) If not, they might need to add theat in there

To which I replied (make sure your children and women folk don't see this):

How does this relate to ColdFusion? Are you sure you're posting on the right forum? (granted, that's a rhetorical question).
OMG, sorry, yes, that was completely egregious and unnecessary and out of line! How dare I... I... How dare I respond to the question asked, clarifying the situation?

The thread has since been deleted in its entirety; also, I presume, at the hands of the moderator. But the rest of the thread was the OP replied hurling abuse at me, and I clarified with directions to the correct forum.

Now I can see how the thread might get deleted as being pretty much useless (from the outset), but what's with the specific "your comment was out of line" reaction? Because no it bloody wasn't. Adobe, your moderators are f***ing idiots.

After the last Adobe forums censorship episode I initially decided to cease participation there, but back-tracked when the forum management reversed the censorship and pretty much apologised for the episode. Which was laudible. But I don't have patience for this sort of carry-on, so I'm out. I guess my participation there has been minimal recently anyone, so it'll be no great loss.

Grumble. Well that feels better ;-) I'll try to post something useful tomorrow.