Tuesday 3 September 2013

ColdFusion: CFSQLTYPE issue Status => "To fix"

Yeah, I've been slack recently. I've got something in the pipeline (or about four things in the pipeline), but they're all too labour intensive, and I've been sidetracked onto other things when I have the inclination to be technical.

Anyway, here's a quick one. Do you recall the article I wrote a week or so ago "Minor common-sense tweak to CFML from Railo"? Well I raised an equivalent issue with Adobe for ColdFusion: "Support plain-named query param types" (3616682). To save you the click through, the gist is this:

Railo supports more obvious type names for <cfqueryparam> tags, eg: "integer" rather than "CF_SQL_INTEGER". CF could join the party on that one.

Whilst I'm here, how about getting rid of the "cf" on "cfsqltype". Indeed, just get rid of "cfsql". It's a type. It's in a <CFQUERY> tag... we know it's CF and SQL, so why belabour the point?

Anyway, I got notification today that Adobe have marked it "to fix".

Cool! Nice one Adobe.