Friday 14 June 2013

Follow-up to "212 untriaged ColdFusion 10 bugs"

I found myself discussing the mountain of untriaged ColdFusion 10 bugs again just now, and thought I might check out if any progress has been made on them. The good news is that the list is down from 212 to 183. At least it's moving in the right direction.

I lost the code I used to generate the bug table for the earlier article, so I've knocked it together again, and this time saved it as a gist:

I've also chucked it up on CFMLDeveloper. I'll augment it at some stage to accept different CF versions, etc. Or someone could update the Gist and let me know and I'll chuck the updated version up there.

This is not exactly the finest code in the world, but it's handy. I stated working on a bug-update-notifier thing ages ago, but never finished it. I should crack on with it, I guess.

Anyway, my lunch needs eating, so I'm off.