Wednesday 5 June 2013

Censorship on Adobe ColdFusion forums etc: resolved

This is the final chapter in the ongoing story which started with an Adobe forum moderator making some questionable censorship decisions on a form thread I was trying to help on, and continued as Madison Murphy from Adobe worked with me towards a resolution.
I'm pleased to say that Madison has - very helpfully - restored almost all of the censored parts of the thread: only omitting material that was of no actual merit in the first place. Basically Madison has opted to omit some abusive - and not so abusive - language, and some non-constructive comments. I think this is fair enough.

I've touched base with Jason - one of the other censorship victims on the thread - and he seemed to think the resolution was a positive one.

Hopefully the original poster - grazan - has not been completely scared off by this ordeal, and returns to the thread with more info so we can help them.

If you're a forum participant and see any questionable censorship / moderation activity going on (hopefully there won't be any!), please let me know. I hope from now on Adobe moderators include their name when the moderate things: the person who performed the "moderation" under discussion here neither identified themselves in the thread, nor owned up to when the team was asked who did it. That is disappointing ad unprofessional on their part. But an insignificant matter in this otherwise positive result!

To close this all off, I'd like to say a public thanks to Madison, as well as Rakshith who helped me get in touch with her.

Good work Adobe.