Thursday 30 May 2013

ColdFusion / Railo WebSockets: do you use 'em? (survey)

I've just started looking at the technical side of the WebSocket offering in ColdFusion 10. It's an interesting-looking technology, but I'm just wondering what real world practical applications people are putting them to. I've seen plenty of "chat demos" and the like, but nothing that one would really want to do in the real world. So I'm just gauging the community's usage of them.

As far as I can tell Railo doesn't have WebSocket supprot built-in, but there's a WebSockets Extension. I've not tried it. But I will at some stage.

Anyway, I want to know about your usage of WebSockets, or also if you've not used them and/or have no interest in them at all. I've knocked together a quick survey (four questions). If you fancy filling it in: good for you, and thanks. If you feel like re-sending the Twitter message I will send out advising of said survey, that'd be cool too: the more responses the merrier.