Sunday 31 March 2013

Which CFML-oriented blogs do you read?

I was trying to track down one of my regular commenters - Bruce Kirkpatrick - on Twitter, as I didn't have him on my "following" list, and he's genererally got something interesting to say. Plus when he says it it takes 50000 words, so it's a good way to occupy myself for a day or two whilst I read through it.

Anyway, having successfully google-stalked him, I noticed he also has a blog (but, as it happens, not much of a Twitter presence), which I did not know about. So - anyway - I cranked up Thunderbird and added him to my subscription list.

This got me thinking... who else has a blog that I'm unaware of. I just went through my subscriptions in Thunderbird and noticed a few of them no longer work, and others haven't been updated since 2012 or earlier. I've removed those ones. These are the ones I have left:

I pay active attention to these blogs:

These two I still subscribe to out of habit, but they really have no relevance to anything I am interested in any more (sorry guys):

These ones I subscribe to but don't pay attention to unless I happen to be currently doing something with the project:

And these are my own ones, tracking ColdFusion bugs:
The one aggregates a lot of blogs, so I get to see what's happening on those ones too, but I think there are probably a lot of CFML blogs out there that I am unaware of, and could benefit from reading.

So has anyone got any suggestions for other CFML-centric reading material? Or plugs for your own work? Sing out.