Thursday 21 March 2013

Thanks for taking the time to comment

I've been really slack following up on responding to all the comments people have been making on this blog recently. It's not like I get hundreds of responses, or even dozens, but I do get some, and I appreciate all of them. And I'm having a catch-up afternoon today, as my work for the day has been stymied by lack of connectivity to the office :-(

In particular Sean, Kai and Bruce have taken time to write some long and poignant comments against one of my more throw-away articles recently, and I appreciate their efforts (so let's chalk up a beer for each of you). And Ben, Bill and Andrew you too, but their replies were - I think you'll agree - a bit more comprehensive than one might normally expect on a blog.

I'm quite chuffed that people actually do pay attention to this blog, and it encourages them to share their thoughts.

Cheers all.