Thursday 29 November 2012

Final Call for survey participation

Hey, I've decided to start collating the results of the survey I've been running on where the priority ought to go in porting the remaining non-CFScript-ready CFML functionality to CFScript.

This survey is now complete. The results can be found here.

I thought it was an interesting topic, but it seems not so much. Or the requirement to "answer" 80 questions (read: click 80 radio buttons, all of which are a facet of the same question) put people off. Or perhaps people don't think Adobe are going to listen to either their opinion, or me collating a bunch of opinions.  This is not the case... there might not be so much activity on ColdFusion between releases, but Adobe really do action a bunch of stuff the community has asked for when they do come to work on the next ColdFusion release. And ColdFusion 11 must be getting underway very soon, if it's not underway already.  So if you do express your opinion, then you will be contributing to the direction the community would like ColdFusion to take.

Anyway, whatever it is, I've only had 43 responses "so far", and no new ones for over a week.  I aim for 50 responses (just because it's a round number), and other surveys I've done have achieved that, and some gone a lot further.

Anyway, no probs, 43 is all right.

However here's a last call... if you looked at it before and went "nah, can't be arsed", it'd be cool if you could reconsider: it will take perhaps five minutes of your time.  Or if this is all news to you, here's a nudge.

I'll have the results posted before the end of the weekend.