Tuesday 13 November 2012

Do we know if ColdFusion 10 update 4 actually does fix these performance/scaling problems?

I'm still too busy with other stuff to write an article with any meat on it, I'm afraid.  Although that one about rationalising the useage of trailing slashes kept at least me amused for a coupla days. But I'm easily amused.

But here's a formalisation of a thought that's been lodged in my brain for a week or so now.

Hopefully everyone has kept themselves in the loop regarding recent updater activity with ColdFusion 10. ColdFusion 10 has had a bunch of scaling issues: a lot of people seem to be having show-stopping problems with servers dying under load.  This potentially ain't great.  It's unclear to me though whether this is a very vocal minority, or it represents an actual serious problem with CF10.  I'm not responsible for any CF servers, and the ones I'm "closest to" are all on CF9, so my own situation / experiences are of no use in assessing this.  I do like to have an accurate idea of what's going on with the rest of the ColdFusion world though.

Adobe seemed to sit on these performance/scaling issues until the ill-fated updater 3: I can't find details of update 2 any more (which is odd), but reading through the manifest of update 1, it wasn't dealing with scaling/load issues. If someone can send me the link to the manifest for update 2, that'd be cool.

Update 4 did claim to deal with these issues, but people have been reporting "mixed" results.  Can I recommend that anyone using ColdFusion 10 ought to subscribe to the comments on this article on the Adobe ColdFusion Blog, to keep track of what's going on.

What I'd like to clarify is whether the complaints on that thread are representative of people's experiences on high-traffic ColdFusion 10 installations, or whether those people with problems are perhaps the exception rather than the rule.  As I say on that thread, happy people are usually fairly silent in these situations, so one cannot get an accurate idea of the situation based only on the complaints.

If you've got a high-traffic ColdFusion 10 site, it might be helpful to get your experiences either with pre-update 4, or after update 4 in the context of these load issues.  By either commenting on this article, or commenting on the one on the Adobe blog.

I'm particularly keen to hear from people who have specifically and formally load-tested their CF9 sites before upgrading to CF10, and also before and after applying update 4.  But anyone's experiences at all would be cool. The more info the better.

Whether this is a localised problem for some unfortunate people or it is actually a significant issue with ColdFusion 10, I think we can agree that it's about time we had some good press regarding the ColdFusion 10 update process. It'd be great to have a run of updates that a) don't break stuff; b) actually do what they claim they're gonna do; c) do not require additional manual steps to work; d) don't mess up my Apache config ;-)



(yeah, the fact that my Apache config got hosed was my fault, I know ;-)