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Thursday 27 March 2014

Sharing a conversation about clean code

I'm being a bit lazy today. And interesting conversation cropped up on the comm log of one of the side projects I'm working on, and I thought you might be interested to read it, and perhaps add your thoughts.

We were discussing how to handle the requirement for a new API function we're adding to our localisation suite, which works similar to dayOfWeekAsString(), except the immediate requirement it to provide a localised "short version" of the day, eg: "Mon", "Tue", etc. The initial suggestion had come in as dayOfWeekShortAsString(). And the conversation started. I am "Mr Green", incidentally. I have made a few edits to clean up spelling and grammar, but I have not removed anything, or changed the context of what was said. I have added some clarification (for the purposes of this article) part-way down.

dayOfWeekAsString() / dayOfWeekShortAsString()