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Wednesday 5 March 2014

ColdFusion 11: Thank-you Carl, Mary-Jo, many other community members and indeed Rupesh

Integers. We "won". Adobe have reversed their position, and they're gonna fix the isValid("integer") bug:

  • Rupesh Kumar
    9:18:35 PM GMT+00:00 Mar 4, 2014
    Wow - it is indeed incredible. Thanks Carl for digging this out. We will fix it - we would have a application setting which would bring back the old behavior in case some one needs it. I hope nobody needs to use this flag. 

    We will also roll it out in an update for the public beta and we would need your help in verifying and making sure that applications don't break. 

    Thank you everyone for raising this and providing this feedback!

Good stuff, Rupesh.


Friday 21 February 2014

Can we please agree that Adobe is not the arbitor of what constitutes an integer?

My... what a lot of ColdFusion chatter this is at the moment. It's bloody good I'm on holiday at the moment so I can keep up with it (and... erm... instigate some of it... ;-).

But for this article / gripe session, I want to reiterate an old article I wrote about integers. And ire.