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Thursday 22 May 2014

London Railo Group: but wait... there's MoreBox

Blimey... not one but two London Railo Group meetings next week. On Friday Pixl8 are hosting Luis, who's gonna be showing off CommandBox, which is a CLI for CFML. As well as that Alex (and/or Dom?) are going to be demoing the revitalised PresideCMS. Details here: "Luis Majano (New Coldbox and CommandBox) , Pixl8 PresideCMS Sneak Peak".

I have to concede I don't have content to manage, so CMSes aren't something that're on my radar, but Alex has shown me bits 'n' pieces of PresideCMS, and I am really really impressed with what he and Dom have done with it. It's a cliche, but it really seems like they've taken CMSes to the next level.

Luis showed me a bit of CommandBox at CF.Objective(), and it looks really bloody excellent. Definitely covering territory that the CFML platforms themselves should already be covering as far as package management and CLI goes.

I really wish I could be at this presentation too, but I'll be over in Ireland seeing my boy, and that's a lot more fun than CFML stuff. Sorry guys ;-)

But I urge you to sign up for this meeting as well (as the Railo one on Tues: "London Railo Group: Gert's over").



London Railo Group: Gert's over

A very quick news announcement. There's a London Railo Group meeting next Tues (May 27), at Pixl8. Gert from Railo is going to be there, and he will be doing his "Railo 5.0 and Beyond" presentation from CF.Objective().

Friday 15 November 2013

London Railo Meetup, Weds Nov 27

I'd just like to encourage people in the London / SE part of the UK to come along to the next London Railo Meetup: "Debugging Railo and general Railo discussion". It's - again - being held at the Pixl8 offices in Clapham / Wandsworth (very accessible via various transport links).

The topic for this meeting is summarised thus (from the page linked-to above):
We are going to get the opportunity to review how to debug Railo.

Mark Drew from Railo has agreed to run through the layout of the code, working with eclipse and debugging.

Time permitting we could select some bugs or features from the Jira tracker and talk about how we could approach them.