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Thursday 4 July 2013

Repro case for "contains" pseudo-reserved-word interfering with Mockbox

This is mostly for Brad Wood, but it might be of passable interest to others, so I'll plonk it here.

Yesterday's article discussed how contains is kind of a reserved word, but kind of not in ColdFusion (it's just not in Railo). I observed to Brad that this actually bites us on the bum with Mockbox, and he asked for more info, so here it is.

Basically we use a caching system which has a method "contains" which checks to see if there's an item with a given key already in the cache, before trying to fetch it. We've actually since revised this approach, but we have some legacy code still using methods called "contains". So we need to unit test them, and indeed their responses play a part in other methods we test. When testing these other methods which use the caching system, we mock-out the cache, and the methods within it, and we use Mockbox to do this. Mockbox is cool, btw. You should be using it if yer not already.

We're still using Mockbox 1.3 (more about why further down), and it is impossible to directly mock a method called contains using Mockbox. We've worked around this, but it took a bloody long time to work out what the hell was going on, and that there was working-around to do.

Tuesday 1 January 2013

Shorthand struct notation is still buggy in CF10 (it seems)

Happy New Year and all that sort of carry-on.

I'm still wading through this ColdFusion Bug Subscriber thing I'm writing using Coldbox. It's slow progress because the "wading" side of things erodes my patience fairly quickly, and I find something else to do. I hasten to add most of the wading is of my own manufacture due to vacillating over how to approach things, but in the early stages of things, Coldbox was being a bit annoying too. Mostly due to me not knowing what I'm doing, that said.

Anyway, I want to get it finished (it's 80% done, I guess), so have been trying to make forward progress with it over the last coupla days whilst I'm off work. With one thing or another, I have made about five lines of code's worth of progress in the last three days or so of sitting at my computer. There was a blog article or three in there, as well as a bit of Skyrim (yes, still playing Skyrim). But a lot of it has been sitting scratching my head and going "why? Just why?".

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Hello (Coldbox) world - abridged: code only

As alluded to yesterday, I'm posting this as a distillation of just the results of my investigations, without all the blather as to how I arrived at these results.  This'll make it easier for people to see just the code, should they want to.

The full narrative is in yesterday's article.  There is no additional material in this that was not covered y/day, so there's no need to read it.  It's here just for reference.

Monday 22 October 2012

Hello (Coldbox) world

OK, so having polled people as to what their thoughts were as to what framework I should investigate, here I am starting my Hello World "project" (that's bigging it up: I intend to get a page that says "Hello World" created, as a first step).  And I'm typing this blog article as I do so.  Very James Joyce and stream-of-consciousnesss indeed.  Except I'll use punctuation and what I write might be comprehensible.  And first year uni students will not be made to read this thing and write essays on it for years to come.  So not much like Joyce at all.