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Friday 10 March 2023

CFML: ColdFusion 2023 is in public beta now


As posted in the CFML Slack channel by Adobe ColdFusion star, Mark Takata, CF2023 is in public beta now. One can sign up for it here:

I've not done much on it yet: I've tested some bugfixes I was interested in, and that's about it.

The first thing I did was to set up a Docker container running ColdFusion 2023 with a directory mapped into it from my host PC so I can run scratch code to test stuff. I prefer to do this than install stuff onto the host machine itself.

The project is on Github @ The for it is:

CF2023 container

This is the config for a minimal(-ish) Docker container running CF2023.

I've installed vim in it as well as I never don't need it, so why dick around not having it?

I add bash aliases for ll and cls as they're handy (sorry the latter is cos I'm a perennial Windows user. Shrug).

I've exposed the container's port 8500 as 8523 on the host.

I map the src directory of this project to the /app/src directory in the container. The webroot is /app. So you ought to be able to browse to http://localhost:8523/src/dumpServer.cfm to verify the install. And then, like, chuck other code in there.

I expose the log dir /opt/coldfusion/cfusion/logs as var/log/coldfusion/: I always find it helpful to have the logs right there to look at when I'm testing new stuff.

I copy the MySQL community driver into the container so one can make MySQL DSNs without fussing.

I've installed the CF debugger module as otherwise one can't switch on Robust Exception Handling, which is a hard requirement for dev, I think.

There's a shell script docker/ Use this to (re)build the container:

~/cf2023/docker$ ./ 123

All it does is remove any existing container, rebuild it, and bring it up.

That's it. If this is useful to anyone getting up and running and being able to pitch-in testing ColdFusion 2023, then: cool. If not: shrug. Good on you for reading down to here though.