Tuesday 24 January 2023

Symfony: getting rid of App namespace and using a well-formed one


This is a quick follow-on from the previous article, "Symfony: installing in my PHP8 container (for a second time, as it turns out)".

I was irritated that Symfony uses an invalid PSR-4 namespace for the app: App. That's like calling a variable "variable" and it's a bit shit. Plus, as indicated, it's not even valid, as a PSR-4 namespace is supposed to be <NamespaceName>(\<SubNamespaceNames>), where the first part reflects the vendor, and the (optional) second part is [something else, usually the name of the app]. So Symfony would be valid. Or Symfony/app would be valid, but just App is not valid. In my case I'm not "Symfony", so the namespace for this app should be (and is) adamcameron\php8 (OKOK, "PHP8" is not a great name for a web app, but this is my "messing around with PHP8 app", so kinda makes some sense. More than App does anyhow). </rant>.

How do I fix this? There's only a few touch points where I've needed to change references to App to adamcameron\php8:

That's it. As I had no test coverage of the console, I added one:


namespace adamcameron\php8\tests\integration;

use GuzzleHttp\Client;
use PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase;
use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Response;

/** @testdox Tests of Symfony installation */
class SymfonyTest extends TestCase
    // …

    /** @testdox It can run the console in a shell */
    public function testSymfonyConsoleRuns()
        $appRootDir = dirname(__DIR__, 2);

        exec("{$appRootDir}/bin/console --help", $output, $returnCode);

        $this->assertEquals(0, $returnCode);

And that was it. Easy.