Saturday 13 February 2021

Please donate some of yer readies to a good cause to help disadvantaged kids


Hey I just spotted that my mate Alex Skinner - head honcho of Pixl8, pillar of the CFML/Lucee community in London, and bloody good bloke - is doing a charity drive at the moment ("Crowdfunding to refurbish donor or purchased 2nd hand laptops") to get refurbished laptops into the hands of kids / families who perhaps haven't had all the life opportunities that you and I might have had. This is an especially critical consideration at the moment in the UK where kids can't in general attend school, and need to do all their learning online.

So what Alex is doing is this:

We're raising £5,000 to refurbish donor or purchased 2nd hand laptops. Aim to get 200+ devices to families who have limited or no digital access.

Brilliant. If yer in the UK and reading this: go give them some money if you can spare it. If yer outside the UK, either give them some money anyhow (kids are kids after all: doesn't matter where they live), or perhaps seek out a similar good cause in yer own patch.

To make the link very clear, it's this:

Please also circulate this to yer other colleagues / friends / etc around the place if you can. Nice one.