Thursday 9 April 2020

Aaaaah... *Me*

OK to continue this occasional series of commenting on ppl who have impacted my tenure at work, as they leave. Time to do another one.

Adam Cameron.

What a prick. Always nagging about doing TDD, always being pedantic about code reviews. Banging on about clean code. Asking for stuff to be refactored and simplified. Being stroppy. Then being even more stroppy.

So it's a bloody relief that after 10 years he's finally leaving, and getting out of everyone's hair.

Cameron is reluctantly leaving behind a whole bunch of people who have helped him grow as a professional (one way or another), enriched his work experience and who he genuinely admires. Both professionally and personally. He'll probably stay in touch with a bunch of them. And knowing him he'll be showing up in Porto to have beers with his squad as soon as he can.

He's been in a coupla good squads in his time, but this one that he's been leading for the last year is the best. He was lucky to get that lot as his first team as "Tech Lead". I doubt he'd've turned out reasonably OK at that role if it wasn't for them. The good thing is they hardly need leading, so will continue to do their excellent work even without him around.

10 years. Fuck me.

See ya.