Saturday 8 July 2017

@dac_dev Twitter account

Yes, this thing is still alive.

This morning I indicated on Twitter I was discontinuing my usage of the @dac_dev Twitter account. I'll just be using my @adam_cameron one from now on.

@NXRK made this observation just now:

Just to be clear: my twitter account is the @adam_cameron one. The @dac_dev one was created specifically for promoting this blog, and the "brand" that was my existence in the dev world, such as it is. Specifically the CFML dev world.

I don't want to promote that brand any more, or at least not such that I want to keep it separate from my "real" self. Or more that there's simply not enough usage of that account to warrant me having to keep it separate from my own account.

I won't be deleting the @dac_dev one, and I have set it to send me emails if anyone hits me up there, but I am not paying attention to it any more, nor do I intend to post anything to it.

As with anyone's account on Twitter, you are free to keep an eye on my mumblings on the @adam_cameron one. I'm less polite there (if that can be believed...), and it's definitely more "general" commentary. Rugby, cricket, specious social commentary, naive political observations and photos of my meals. Well: not the latter. I'm not a complete twat(*).

In a closely-related moved, I've chucked-in my participation on the CFML Slack channel too. I was not getting anything positive out of my membership there, and she shitness of some elements of the CFML community was doing my head in (if yer reading this, I'm almost certainly not including you in that shit demographic).



(*) based on just that metric, I mean.