Thursday 26 January 2017

Survey results: most useful response first

I've got the results in from that survey, and started looking through them last night. I haven't really organised anything yet, so nothing useful to report, but this response stood out. The survey had 16 questions, but they left them all blank except question 15:

  1. What else do you think might be useful to share?
    You are toxic.
That's it. That's what they decided to write. That's what they figured was worth investing their time in.

Now I'll not contest whether or not I'm toxic, but I'm not sure that in a community survey aimed at understand how best to help people migrate their skills from CFML is really the best place for it. They coulda just emailed me (my email address is in the "Communications policy" link to the right there). But what I will conclude is if they read the survey questions, and decided that was a sensible, relevant and effective answer to make, they should perhaps be worrying less about how toxic I might or might not be, and more concerned about their own state of mind.

But still: at least I got a new quote for my banner line.

Yours toxically,