Tuesday 24 January 2017

I'm a dick: part 4: why I'm a dick


So other the page few days I've posted these articles:

This was all around the survey I was running (Survey: CFML usage and migration strategies), which freeonlinesurveys.com had closed access to unless I upgraded to a pay-for account. I assumed they were being dodgy, and reacted poorly to this.

A very patient user support person contacted me this evening, and pointed out this screen, when I first went to launch the survey:

And I needed to click on the "OK" button to proceed. I will admit I scanned the first coupla options and went "yeah yeah, same as the pricing page, where's the button to click?", but didn't get as far as the relevant bullet point, or it didn't sink in, or whatever.

However one spins it: they did tell me this information, I simply chose not to pay attention to it.

In freeonlinesurveys.com's favour, the offered to release the data anyhow. I have said to them "no, ballocks to that: it's my bad, I'll pay for it".


Let's join in a chorus of "Cameron's a dick".

But at least I can now start assessing those results, and try to work out how to feed back to you.


Adam (who is a dick)