Friday 23 September 2016

This is disappointing. was an online CFML runner which I used to use a lot to test small bits of code when I did not have a CFML server handy. Or couldn't be arsed starting one and saving code to a file etc.

I noticed that the Lucee server it ran was down the other day, and asked Russ about it, and he said it'd likely be down for a while. Today I notice the site is gone completely, replaced with:

[...] I am sorry to report, that Host Partners, who hosted CFDeveloper and CFLive have gone out of business, and as a result both sites will now be offline until further notice. [...]
Oh dear.

I know there's but it's a bit quirky in how it runs its CFML and I always preferred I also know there's commandbox, which is cool but not quite as convenient as

Oh well. Thanks for providing the service whilst it lasted, Russ. I got a lot of benefit out of it, and indirectly so did a lot of other people who read my witterings on this blog.

Thanks for your selfless contribution to the CFML community.

In related news, I think there are some old articles on this blog that AJAXed calls off to cfmldeveloper and displayed the results. Obviously those AJAX calls will be broken now too. I dunno which articles they were, and there were only a few, so cannot be arsed finding them and repairing them. If you come across any which seem broken, lemme know and I'll decide if I feel like handling it in a different way.