Friday 19 February 2016

ColdFusion 2016: good-bye Akamai

Two snippets of info from King Anit on Slack this morning:
Anit Kumar
Hi All,
From now onward, ColdFusion and ColdFusion Builder installers are available without Akamai Download Manager. So, no more download related complaints :simple_smile:
I've tested this and it's true. Well done.

And also Adobe have put the Express versions of ColdFusion 2016 back up, and there are direct downloads for them (so circumventing even the Adobe webshite):

So that's jolly good. Good work, Anit.

In other Anit-related news, another of his colleagues - Rahul Upadhyay - from the ColdFusion Support Team has joined the CFML Slack channel too. Hopefully Rahul is as solid a bloke as Anit has proven to be.