Wednesday 9 December 2015

ColdFusion: so there won't be a ColdFusion 12?

Yes, this is obviously a case of two things:

  1. Betteridge's law of headlines...
  2. ... being used for click baiting (or indeed in this case, click bating perhaps ;-).
There will definitely be a "next" version of ColdFusion, but it seems Adobe might  skipping forward 2005 major version numbers, and going with ColdFusion 2016 instead.

Well if this is anything to go by, anyhow:

This is on ticket 4097705, which is something about <cfpdfparam> or something. I did not read the detail as I don't care about PDFs. Or their params.

So... ColdFusion 2016? Yeah, why not.

Best I go re-tag all my "ColdFusion 12" articles as "ColdFusion 2016".