Saturday 14 February 2015

Trying to get clarification about the status / future of Railo

I figured I had better try to find out the official word from The Railo Company as to the status of the Railo open source project, and what the future for it is likely to be. I have written this open letter to Railo:

I am wondering on behalf of the Railo / CFML community what the future is for the Railo open source CFML project is, now that Lucee has been forked from it, and the personnel who used to be the primary committers for Railo have ceased participation in in Railo.

There is an element of FUD arising from the lack of communications on this topic from anyone from The Railo Company, or anyone "official" on the project.

I am posting this open letter on my blog: so that the community knows I have asked you.

My intent is to share any response you give me with the community. However I think it would be better if you published your own "press release" on this website, and on the Railo Google Group.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Adam Cameron

Let's see how that goes. I'll report back if / when I hear anything.