Tuesday 23 September 2014

Adobe: stop closing ColdFusion bugs you haven't dealt with

I've had a frickin' gutsful of Adobe's amateurish and disrespectful approach to dealing with bugs in the bug tracker. I spotted yet another "closed, not enough time" issue today. One which hit me back in 2011. It was first raised in 2009. Five years ago. It first cropped up in CFMX7. It's not a complicated one, it's just that the seem to have a glitch in working with leap years, for some date calculations. "Bug 82249:(Watson Migration Closure)Datediff function does not calculate differences correctly".

This has gotta stop, Adobe.

I checked the bugbase to see how many issues had been closed with "not enough time".


Dating back to 2005.

These are all bugs that have impacted paying clients sufficiently for them to bring them to Adobe's attention. And Adobe's reaction is to just go "oh well... [shrug]... [clicks the 'Close' button]".

This is unacceptable.

So here's what Adobe needs to do. Reopen every single one of them. Then re-triage every single one of them, working out if they are still an issue, or still relevant, or whatever the situation is. Then close the ones that are no longer relevant. And fix the ones that are still an issue. You owe your clients a fair chunk of work here, Adobe.

TBH, I think the ColdFusion team have kinda been defrauding their clients in a way here. They know their product has these bugs, but have chosen to sweep them under the carpet. In a lot of cases they are doubly defrauding their clients because how often have they closed a ticket like this saying "we'll take it up in the next release" It's clear they have no intention of doing this, because they basically don't: there are tickets hanging around for close to ten years!

I also wonder whether the team are misrepresenting the situation to their employers as well? There's currently 515 open bugs (just bugs, not enhancement requests) for ColdFusion, so 349 is like an additional 70% of bugs they are perhaps not disclosing to the people they report to, by surreptitiously closing them.

Secondly to reopening and dealing with these bugs, this approach they have of sweeping issues under the carpet has to stop. If you don't get an issue fixed in time for a release: leave it open. Stop trying to misrepresent the stability of your product by hiding issues.

For the community part, I'm going to do my usual Twitter status update that I do when I publish an article. I'd appreciate it if you're suitably riled by the ColdFusion Team's shoddiness here that you retweet it. I'll embed it here once I've created it.

We have to work to stop Adobe thinking they can get away with this shit.

Here is the full list of bugs (colour-coding reflects the bugs' ages):

1 3023756 2005-07-08 Bug 60517:(Watson Migration Closure)As far as I can tell, there is no way to control the explosion distance in an exploded pie chart Deferred NotEnoughTime
2 3023939 2005-07-21 Bug 60701:(Watson Migration Closure)somebody in the forums was complaining about these Deferred NotEnoughTime
3 3023940 2005-07-21 Bug 60702:(Watson Migration Closure)ColdFusion loses connection to Verity K2 index engine Deferred NotEnoughTime
4 3024045 2005-07-31 Bug 60819:(Watson Migration Closure)I'm going to blog and log an error on this, but I thought I'd share it here in case I was missing the obvious Deferred NotEnoughTime
5 3024082 2005-08-02 Bug 60848:(Watson Migration Closure)This causes an invalid month even when I replace the '#URL Deferred NotEnoughTime
6 3024146 2005-08-06 Bug 60906:(Watson Migration Closure)Building on bug 60862 Deferred NotEnoughTime
7 3024207 2005-08-15 Bug 60951:(Watson Migration Closure)Delete a collection and then creating it under a different path results in a verity execption Deferred NotEnoughTime
8 3024230 2005-08-16 Bug 60963:(Watson Migration Closure)vspider Deferred NotEnoughTime
9 3024240 2005-08-17 Bug 60969:(Watson Migration Closure)vspider hangs when started via a CFEXECUTE command Deferred NotEnoughTime
10 3024548 2005-09-09 Bug 61109:(Watson Migration Closure)I have a report that is running in production but appears to be kicking an error out (though it still displays fine) Deferred NotEnoughTime
11 3024562 2005-09-14 Bug 61121:(Watson Migration Closure)If you pass an invalid value to scriptProtect, like: Deferred NotEnoughTime
12 3024573 2005-09-16 Bug 61134:(Watson Migration Closure)Coldfusion reports java Deferred NotEnoughTime
13 3024618 2005-09-28 Bug 61191:(Watson Migration Closure)When configuring a sandbox, if you disable execute within the File/Dirs section all CFINCLUDEs will fail with the following error message: Deferred NotEnoughTime
14 3026439 2006-06-10 Bug 63654:(Watson Migration Closure)lsNumberFormat doesn't honor localized digits, it always returns european ones Deferred NotEnoughTime
15 3027147 2006-07-24 Bug 64293:(Watson Migration Closure)I love the new text based output, but for queries it should be a lot tigher Deferred NotEnoughTime
16 3027224 2006-07-27 Bug 64369:(Watson Migration Closure)In CFExchangeCalendar, when using CFExchangeFilter an exception is thrown whenever the FROM and TO dates are a certain span apart Deferred NotEnoughTime
17 3027234 2006-07-27 Bug 64379:(Watson Migration Closure)When working with text that contains the stupid MS WOrd extensions (like the weird quotes), XMLFormat will ignore the characters Deferred NotEnoughTime
18 3027263 2006-07-31 Bug 64407:(Watson Migration Closure)CFExchangeCalendar's attribute exception message does not show all correct, possible attributes when an attribute exception occurs Deferred NotEnoughTime
19 3027283 2006-08-02 Bug 64428:(Watson Migration Closure)Having directoryExists() without its logical companions directoryList(), directoryWrite(), and directoryDelete() strikes me as not just limiting (and a cause for a great deal of code for a very simple Deferred NotEnoughTime
20 3027486 2006-08-30 Bug 64631:(Watson Migration Closure)Use of string variables in cfcontent produces the error Deferred NotEnoughTime
21 3027595 2006-09-08 Bug 64737:(Watson Migration Closure)toBinary() produces an error with some values returned from toBase64() Deferred NotEnoughTime
22 3028054 2006-10-25 Bug 65173:(Watson Migration Closure)The code analyzer in the CF Administrator throws an exception when certain file patterns are used Deferred NotEnoughTime
23 3028076 2006-10-30 Bug 65197:(Watson Migration Closure)When installing CF on a server envoirement with the Turkish locale setting installation completes but CF fails to start (Even the services starts cf pages doesnot show - instead page cannot be found a Deferred NotEnoughTime
24 3028243 2006-11-14 Bug 65365:(Watson Migration Closure)image borders in cfdocument are in the wrong place Deferred NotEnoughTime
25 3028260 2006-11-15 Bug 65382:(Watson Migration Closure)PreserveSingleQuotes() compiler error Deferred NotEnoughTime
26 3028515 2006-12-09 Bug 65635:(Watson Migration Closure)CFCACHE when used with the action of "optimal" or "servercache" emits an HTML comment indicating the page being cached at the beginning of the output Deferred NotEnoughTime
27 3028530 2006-12-11 Bug 65651:(Watson Migration Closure)Error while reading header abc appears in the ColdFusion Runtime Log files Deferred NotEnoughTime
28 3028623 2006-12-18 Bug 65742:(Watson Migration Closure)CF Administrator does not apply datasource connection limit until instance is restarted Deferred NotEnoughTime
29 3028654 2006-12-19 Bug 65773:(Watson Migration Closure)CFDBINFO does not retrieve the correct tables when querying against DB2 on an AS400 server Deferred NotEnoughTime
30 3028884 2007-01-10 Bug 65997:(Watson Migration Closure)This one ought to get someone going! (and in this instance it's completely true Deferred NotEnoughTime
31 3029651 2007-02-20 Bug 66783:(Watson Migration Closure)cfgrid presents conflict, in the use of more than one grid in a flash form Deferred NotEnoughTime
32 3029676 2007-02-21 Bug 66806:(Watson Migration Closure)I'd like to use a popup window to display a set of tabs inside it Deferred NotEnoughTime
33 3030392 2007-03-02 Bug 67225:(Watson Migration Closure)I keep seeing this in the event viewer as a warning and I'm not sure why: Deferred NotEnoughTime
34 3030718 2007-03-14 Bug 67507:(Watson Migration Closure)I've found a bug in CFFTP Deferred NotEnoughTime
35 3030769 2007-03-15 Bug 67555:(Watson Migration Closure)CreateUUID halts execution in presence of time adjustments Deferred NotEnoughTime
36 3031266 2007-04-05 Bug 68041:(Watson Migration Closure)Cannot clear Application Deferred NotEnoughTime
37 3031394 2007-04-12 Bug 68183:(Watson Migration Closure)OUT varchar/char variables in Stored Procs for 'ODBC Socket' Deferred NotEnoughTime
38 3031528 2007-04-18 Bug 68313:(Watson Migration Closure)After the uninstall of CFMX8 Beta2, this string is still present in the Windows System Variable "path": Deferred NotEnoughTime
39 3031623 2007-04-21 Bug 68398:(Watson Migration Closure)Debugger UI gives no option to select the entire function-local scope, just the arguments scope Deferred NotEnoughTime
40 3031624 2007-04-21 Bug 68399:(Watson Migration Closure)Flash form error messages (when using the message="this field has an error" do not appear in the order they appear (eg: top to bottom) on the form Deferred NotEnoughTime
41 3031672 2007-04-23 Bug 68439:(Watson Migration Closure)I found that if you drag the AJAX window over the HTML Rich Edit control (FCKeditor) and you don't go VERY slow Deferred NotEnoughTime
42 3031764 2007-04-25 Bug 68529:(Watson Migration Closure)cfheader tag does not encode its value attribute correctly when the value attribute contains double byte characters Deferred NotEnoughTime
43 3031922 2007-04-30 Bug 68665:(Watson Migration Closure)AM/PM strings not recognized in AU and NZ locales Deferred NotEnoughTime
44 3031984 2007-05-02 Bug 68720:(Watson Migration Closure)Flash Remoting Update properties are not documented - specifically <use-mappings> Deferred NotEnoughTime
45 3032102 2007-05-04 Bug 68826:(Watson Migration Closure)CFMENU Tag Contains Extra Spaces Between Attributes Deferred NotEnoughTime
46 3032104 2007-05-04 Bug 68828:(Watson Migration Closure)CFMENU Does Not Degrade Gracefully Without CSS Deferred NotEnoughTime
47 3032279 2007-07-10 Bug 70055:(Watson Migration Closure)this is a clarification of last bug filed (I forgot one detail) Deferred NotEnoughTime
48 3032288 2007-07-10 Bug 70059:(Watson Migration Closure)Hi Deferred NotEnoughTime
49 3032294 2007-07-10 Bug 70062:(Watson Migration Closure)Please note this is for GMC, but GMC isn't an option Deferred NotEnoughTime
50 3032304 2007-07-11 Bug 70074:(Watson Migration Closure)When using tags such as cfpod and cfinput autosuggest invalid XHTML is created in the loading gif: Deferred NotEnoughTime
51 3032308 2007-07-11 Bug 70080:(Watson Migration Closure)I had previously reported this bug and was told it was fixed Deferred NotEnoughTime
52 3032371 2007-07-13 Bug 70111:(Watson Migration Closure)I have a database table with columns MEAL & MEAL_TIME Deferred NotEnoughTime
53 3032443 2007-07-19 Bug 70151:(Watson Migration Closure)While using the Autosuggest feature I found that passing international characters like German Umlauts "ü" does not bring back any results Deferred NotEnoughTime
54 3032446 2007-07-19 Bug 70152:(Watson Migration Closure)Query of query throws null pointer error when you use LIKE operator and the original database table column queried by the first query contains NULL in the searched column Deferred NotEnoughTime
55 3032486 2007-07-21 Bug 70174:(Watson Migration Closure)If you pass a struct to a tag and in that struct, you have a key named attributeCollection, you get a stack trace Deferred NotEnoughTime
56 3032544 2007-07-25 Bug 70203:(Watson Migration Closure)CFWindow header has an img border on left and right that can not be hidden when styled Deferred NotEnoughTime
57 3032558 2007-05-15 Bug 69097:(Watson Migration Closure)If you do a cflog like so: Deferred NotEnoughTime
58 3032574 2007-05-15 Bug 69104:(Watson Migration Closure)CFCUnit revealed that I have no way to validate CF XML structure Deferred NotEnoughTime
59 3032632 2007-05-16 Bug 69132:(Watson Migration Closure)When the GetPageContext() function is used within the onMissingTemplate() method, the method runs but fails to stop and all other methods are run as normal Deferred NotEnoughTime
60 3032648 2007-08-01 Bug 70260:(Watson Migration Closure)When viewing log files in the admin the sort order is incorrect Deferred NotEnoughTime
61 3032845 2007-05-23 Bug 69262:(Watson Migration Closure)An Ajax format <cfgrid> with a <cfgridcolumn> set to use a list of values incorrectly displays the value rather than the displayValue for the cells not currently selected Deferred NotEnoughTime
62 3033434 2007-11-05 Bug 70720:(Watson Migration Closure)The reference PDF, Application Deferred NotEnoughTime
63 3033435 2007-11-05 Bug 70721:(Watson Migration Closure)The Dev Guide PDF, App Deferred NotEnoughTime
64 3033541 2007-06-12 Bug 69610:(Watson Migration Closure)The validation is not working for cfselect required="True" Deferred NotEnoughTime
65 3033661 2007-11-26 Bug 70835:(Watson Migration Closure)I cannot get the grid to hold the current item when it sorts Deferred NotEnoughTime
66 3033844 2007-12-06 Bug 70929:(Watson Migration Closure)The variables view in debugging mode should be more intelligent in remembering my state Deferred NotEnoughTime
67 3033847 2007-06-18 Bug 69756:(Watson Migration Closure)I tried to put a chart inside of a tab, and got an immediate 'chart expired' error Deferred NotEnoughTime
68 3033962 2007-06-21 Bug 69820:(Watson Migration Closure)I am encountering a bug when I use the JTDS v1 Deferred NotEnoughTime
69 3033981 2007-06-21 Bug 69833:(Watson Migration Closure)Grid sort for text values is case sensitive Deferred NotEnoughTime
70 3034105 2007-07-02 Bug 69962:(Watson Migration Closure)cfimage action=captcha sometimes produces PNG output files that have semi-transparent backgrounds Deferred NotEnoughTime
71 3034147 2007-07-04 Bug 69999:(Watson Migration Closure)Using Dreamweaver CS3 under Vista to "embed" a flash "swf" file into a web page Deferred NotEnoughTime
72 3034331 2008-01-07 Bug 71099:(Watson Migration Closure)CF Admin Settings Summary Excludes Verity Collections Deferred NotEnoughTime
73 3034333 2008-01-07 Bug 71101:(Watson Migration Closure)how about unbreaking CFTHREAD? more specifically, making threads behave as normal objects (which they are), rather than as keys in the CFTHREAD "scope" and once that's done, removing the no-nesting re Deferred NotEnoughTime
74 3034340 2008-01-08 Bug 71108:(Watson Migration Closure)My wish for the the primary new feature for CF 9 is coldfusion�s general shopping cart tag which would make shopping carts a breeze Deferred NotEnoughTime
75 3034346 2008-01-09 Bug 71114:(Watson Migration Closure)The CFPARAM tag is confused by whitespace in the "name" attribute Deferred NotEnoughTime
76 3034387 2008-01-22 Bug 71154:(Watson Migration Closure)When printing FlashPaper reports the report get printed by default with a grey background Deferred NotEnoughTime
77 3034419 2008-01-30 Bug 71187:(Watson Migration Closure)Ability to support the function's argument that accepts array of primitive type in WebService Deferred NotEnoughTime
78 3034451 2008-02-04 Bug 71221:-(Watson Migration Closure)using duplicate() on a cfc throws array element type mismatch error Deferred NotEnoughTime
79 3034459 2008-02-05 Bug 71230:(Watson Migration Closure)The PostgreSQL JDBC driver that comes with CF is so old that I can not use cfqueryparam in combination with a UUID datatype in the database Deferred NotEnoughTime
80 3034527 2008-02-19 Bug 71297:(Watson Migration Closure)If you do a Deferred NotEnoughTime
81 3034549 2008-02-21 Bug 71321:(Watson Migration Closure)PDF documents created in CF7 are overflowing the page in CF8 Deferred NotEnoughTime
82 3034593 2008-02-27 Bug 71364:(Watson Migration Closure)The filetype detection of <cfimage action="write"> copes poorly with a filename that contains more than one Deferred NotEnoughTime
83 3034602 2008-02-28 Bug 71372:(Watson Migration Closure)Test 1: Deferred NotEnoughTime
84 3034611 2008-02-29 Bug 71382:(Watson Migration Closure)If installing cf8 and you intend to use a std license key you have to install the 32 bit version Deferred NotEnoughTime
85 3034619 2008-03-03 Bug 71390:(Watson Migration Closure)I got the following note from a user who was using a client that i had created, which serializes and stores information in memcached Deferred NotEnoughTime
86 3034670 2008-03-11 Bug 71439:(Watson Migration Closure)Branch Offset Too Short Error on Large CFC Functions Deferred NotEnoughTime
87 3034687 2008-03-14 Bug 71455:(Watson Migration Closure)I reported this when Scorpio was in Beta, but ever since cftrace has been in Coldfusion, it's never reported the currently executing template EXCEPT in Windows-based OS's Deferred NotEnoughTime
88 3034700 2008-03-17 Bug 71468:(Watson Migration Closure)writeToBrowser from a bufferedImage when writeToBrowser format is PNG produces output image with a strange (inverted?) color stripe at lower area of image Deferred NotEnoughTime
89 3034796 2008-04-08 Bug 71566:(Watson Migration Closure)CFML Reference doc in the 'ImageGetBufferedImage' section java Deferred NotEnoughTime
90 3034797 2008-04-09 Bug 71567:(Watson Migration Closure)When using the tag 'imageRotate' if x and y attributes are specified the rotate does not work correctly Deferred NotEnoughTime
91 3034810 2008-04-10 Bug 71579:(Watson Migration Closure)client installed cf8 on server w/thai OS Deferred NotEnoughTime
92 3035234 2008-06-17 Bug 72001:(Watson Migration Closure)When creating new instances within the CFAdmin Instance Manager, we should have the ability to specify an instance specific jvm Deferred NotEnoughTime
93 3035250 2008-06-19 Bug 72017:(Watson Migration Closure)I'm creating instances via the Enterprise Manager on a remote server Deferred NotEnoughTime
94 3035295 2008-06-25 Bug 72074:(Watson Migration Closure)I'm not sure how to quickly name this issue, so I'll just describe it Deferred NotEnoughTime
95 3036890 2008-11-29 Bug 73862:(Watson Migration Closure)When triggered by radio buttons in a form, the cfdiv tag behaves erroneously in Internet Explorer 6 SP1 Deferred NotEnoughTime
96 3036942 2008-12-03 Bug 73945:-(Watson Migration Closure)There is no reference of ColdFusion Deferred NotEnoughTime
97 3037000 2008-12-09 Bug 74109:(Watson Migration Closure)Method calls on VARIABLES scope CFCs do not scale linearly Deferred NotEnoughTime
98 3037100 2008-12-18 Bug 74439:(Watson Migration Closure)Dynamically Load AJAX Javascript Deferred NotEnoughTime
99 3037172 2009-01-06 Bug 74796:(Watson Migration Closure)Query() Deferred NotEnoughTime
100 3037196 2009-01-07 Bug 74841:(Watson Migration Closure)Stack overflow error when using SerializeJSON() on a cfc with circular references Deferred NotEnoughTime
101 3037223 2009-01-10 Bug 74878:(Watson Migration Closure)If you have a cfform, and if the cfform is inside a cfdiv (or pod, window), and if you use multiple submit buttons with different values, then when you submit, all the values for the submit button wil Deferred NotEnoughTime
102 3037224 2009-01-10 Bug 74879:(Watson Migration Closure)If you have a cfform, and if the cfform is inside a cfdiv (or pod, window), then you cannot use a submit button named action Deferred NotEnoughTime
103 3037466 2009-02-07 Bug 75365:(Watson Migration Closure)Bug for: Type validation is not performed, when array notation is used to set query cell values Deferred NotEnoughTime
104 3037864 2009-03-13 Bug 75961:(Watson Migration Closure)Primary key generation on linked tables Deferred NotEnoughTime
105 3037964 2009-03-20 Bug 76095:(Watson Migration Closure)The error "coldfusion Deferred NotEnoughTime
106 3038002 2009-03-25 Bug 76181:(Watson Migration Closure)Optional arguments still show up in the arguments scope, but as undefined values (they're null) Deferred NotEnoughTime
107 3038288 2009-04-22 Bug 76771:(Watson Migration Closure)Using xmlParse() does not honor XML encoding declaration and changes encoding type of xml to utf-8 Deferred NotEnoughTime
108 3038529 2009-05-12 Bug 77177:(Watson Migration Closure)this comes up every so often over the year & just popped up again today: cf can't find files (cf, image, etc Deferred NotEnoughTime
109 3038576 2009-05-14 Bug 77253:(Watson Migration Closure)I have a CFC with the following function defined: Deferred NotEnoughTime
110 3038708 2009-05-26 Bug 77474:(Watson Migration Closure)i *think* this is a cf issue as i can render the missing chars (u+0640 & u+064A, ? "feh" & ? "yeh") if i use the iText lib (1 Deferred NotEnoughTime
111 3038824 2009-06-05 Bug 77749:(Watson Migration Closure)CFForm error when Return key is pressed Deferred NotEnoughTime
112 3038879 2009-06-11 Bug 77867:(Watson Migration Closure)The docs say that toScript does not support CFC Deferred NotEnoughTime
113 3039031 2009-06-25 Bug 78206:(Watson Migration Closure)While trying to dump out an extremely large session var server became unresponsive Deferred NotEnoughTime
114 3039119 2009-07-02 Bug 78493:(Watson Migration Closure)Ukrainian locale doesn't format numbers and currency well Deferred NotEnoughTime
115 3039238 2009-07-13 Bug 78710:(Watson Migration Closure)When one goes to the root directory of a CF application where index Deferred NotEnoughTime
116 3039260 2009-07-14 Bug 78753:(Watson Migration Closure)[JFERNANDES] Server admin AIR app should have boths bugtrackers included so we have a single place to manage and report problems Deferred NotEnoughTime
117 3039290 2009-07-15 Bug 78808:(Watson Migration Closure)Summary: CFFORM adds an unsolicited NAME attribute<cfform> sticks a NAME attribute in without being asked to, which means XHTML strict valiadtion fails (but I don't care so much about that) Deferred NotEnoughTime
118 3039374 2009-07-20 Bug 78948:(Watson Migration Closure)When displaying a grid with pagination it no longer holds its height any more, this is critical when having other componentes underneath itnd for backward compatability this should be fixed Deferred NotEnoughTime
119 3039414 2009-07-23 Bug 79029:(Watson Migration Closure)Doing a StructCopy() on the arguments scope doesn't return a copy of the arguments scope - it simply returns the arguments scope Deferred NotEnoughTime
120 3039434 2009-07-24 Bug 79061:(Watson Migration Closure)cfspreadsheet cannot read from binary data Deferred NotEnoughTime
121 3039448 2009-07-27 Bug 79089:(Watson Migration Closure)Summary: no option for CFTOOLTIP text to NOT dismissI have a <cftooltip> which I do not want to be dismissed until the user moves the mouse away Deferred NotEnoughTime
122 3039452 2009-07-27 Bug 79093:(Watson Migration Closure)I have to admit this is really annoying, and I haven't seen a way to override this behavior Deferred NotEnoughTime
123 3039488 2009-07-30 Bug 79168:(Watson Migration Closure)If you specify a title in an xml style and set the font of that title, the font settings don't seem to get interpreted by CFCHART tag Deferred NotEnoughTime
124 3039622 2009-08-10 Bug 79364:(Watson Migration Closure)Attempting to use index notation to refer to a nodes named yes or no in a parsed xml document, you get either unexpected behaviour or this error message: The index of a child element is out of range Deferred NotEnoughTime
125 3039658 2009-08-13 Bug 79413:(Watson Migration Closure)The error stems from Sun Java bug 644360:http://bugs Deferred NotEnoughTime
126 3039675 2009-08-16 Bug 79436:(Watson Migration Closure)No CSS file created Deferred NotEnoughTime
127 3039697 2009-08-18 Bug 79480:(Watson Migration Closure)ColdFusion 8 and now 9 do not allow access to private and package functions through the "this" scope even when the function called from within the component definition that defines the package or priv Deferred NotEnoughTime
128 3039788 2009-08-27 Bug 79601:(Watson Migration Closure)Local variables declared within a function do not behave as expected if they are assigned a null value and a variable of the same name exists in a different scope where it has a value Deferred NotEnoughTime
129 3039872 2009-09-02 Bug 79707:(Watson Migration Closure)cfmediaplayer progress bar plays behind and past the 'enlarge screen' , 'speaker' and 'timer' displays Deferred NotEnoughTime
130 3039890 2009-09-03 Bug 79738:(Watson Migration Closure)Using StructDelete() function on the URL struct (and possibly the Form struct) to remove all elements, then using the StructIsEmpty() function on the URL (or Form) struct returns that the struct is no Deferred NotEnoughTime
131 3040253 2009-10-06 Bug 80247:(Watson Migration Closure)There is STILL no documention in the CF9 docs for the CFCProxy java class that was introduced in CF7, to allow CFCs to be called from Java apps Deferred NotEnoughTime
132 3040304 2009-10-14 Bug 80369:(Watson Migration Closure)In the example, a new mail object is created named mailService Deferred NotEnoughTime
133 3040313 2009-10-15 Bug 80389:(Watson Migration Closure)What's the deal? You guys closed this and did not mark it as verified Deferred NotEnoughTime
134 3040353 2009-10-27 Bug 80502:(Watson Migration Closure)JRun Deferred NotEnoughTime
135 3040359 2009-10-29 Bug 80514:(Watson Migration Closure)If wie create a PDF from a HTML file gif files will not be displayed since CF 9 Deferred NotEnoughTime
136 3040433 2009-11-19 Bug 80734:(Watson Migration Closure)Summary: parseDateTime() should work for RFC-822-formatted datesThe standard format for dates on internet is defined by RFC-822 (http://tools Deferred NotEnoughTime
137 3040511 2009-12-06 Bug 80981:(Watson Migration Closure)When trying to define an ID it should be assumed that one should only be able to do thisproperty name="id";This should default to an int, it should also be a primary key and it should be identity Deferred NotEnoughTime
138 3040587 2009-12-12 Bug 81155:(Watson Migration Closure)Documentation bug Deferred NotEnoughTime
139 3040715 2010-01-02 Bug 81415:(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] Doc bug for: cfgridcolumn textcolor attribute *is* supported in HTML grids Deferred NotEnoughTime
140 3040737 2010-01-06 Bug 81482:-(Watson Migration Closure)ColdFusion 9 hava a problem in event gateway, specially in Data Management Gateway Type (Data Service Gateway Type is no problem)I'm try two mode1 Deferred NotEnoughTime
141 3040786 2010-01-18 Bug 81651:(Watson Migration Closure)ormsettings Deferred NotEnoughTime
142 3040807 2010-01-20 Bug 81693:(Watson Migration Closure)It seems that the syntax for comments is broken Deferred NotEnoughTime
143 3040833 2010-01-26 Bug 81790:(Watson Migration Closure)Image functions for cut and pasting seem to be losing dpi, the original has 300 dpi and the made copy has 96 dpi Deferred NotEnoughTime
144 3040835 2010-01-27 Bug 81812:(Watson Migration Closure)there is a bug in the layout engine Deferred NotEnoughTime
145 3040852 2010-01-28 Bug 81849:(Watson Migration Closure)The docs for CFCATCH, type="searchengine", say that it catches Verity errors Deferred NotEnoughTime
146 3040873 2010-02-01 Bug 81902:(Watson Migration Closure)I have a page that contains a form and I'm using cfform's preservedata attribute Deferred NotEnoughTime
147 3040910 2010-02-08 Bug 82017:(Watson Migration Closure)You cannot retrieve a member of a struct-based collection where the key is an integer using any of the built-in ColdFusion methods for referring to a member of a struct Deferred NotEnoughTime
148 3040978 2010-02-21 Bug 82170:(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] Doc Bug for: cfpdfform doc lacks "name" attribute Deferred NotEnoughTime
149 3040981 2010-02-21 Bug 82174:(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] Bug for: CF9 DW Extensions incorrectly colorize "//<!--- --->" w/in cfscript Deferred NotEnoughTime
150 3041034 2010-02-25 Bug 82249:(Watson Migration Closure)Datediff function does not calculate differences correctly Deferred NotEnoughTime
151 3041042 2010-02-26 Bug 82269:(Watson Migration Closure)When an entity maps an one-to-many relationship to a subclass, and the subclass uses joinColumn & discriminatorValueExpect: FK to entity in subclass table onlyActual: FK in subclass table AS WELL AS i Deferred NotEnoughTime
152 3041050 2010-03-01 Bug 82292:(Watson Migration Closure)Docs do not mention that when using a JS bind with CFProgressbar you must specify the status and message keys of the returned object in UPPER CASE or the progress bar will not update Deferred NotEnoughTime
153 3041065 2010-03-03 Bug 82322:(Watson Migration Closure)<cfdocumentsection> cannot be nested for multi level bookmarks Deferred NotEnoughTime
154 3041078 2010-03-04 Bug 82344:(Watson Migration Closure)I need to add bookmarks that don't page break Deferred NotEnoughTime
155 3041094 2010-03-07 Bug 82364:(Watson Migration Closure)Using the CFTEXTAREA tag with a cutom install of FCKeditor the FCKConfig Deferred NotEnoughTime
156 3041182 2010-03-21 Bug 82474:(Watson Migration Closure)just noticed that some of the supported locales are doubling up in the Server Deferred NotEnoughTime
157 3041188 2010-03-23 Bug 82480:(Watson Migration Closure)[ES] CFScript allows nesting braces incorrectly Deferred NotEnoughTime
158 3041216 2010-03-25 Bug 82516:(Watson Migration Closure)[ES] Comparison operators cannot be used in string expressions in cfscript Deferred NotEnoughTime
159 3041231 2010-03-29 Bug 82537:(Watson Migration Closure)Meta data types do not resolve correctly when using import statements Deferred NotEnoughTime
160 3041248 2010-03-31 Bug 82559:(Watson Migration Closure)For every single UI item, please ensure that any onchange/onWhatever function documents what is passed to the event handler Deferred NotEnoughTime
161 3041278 2010-04-05 Bug 82622:-(Watson Migration Closure)This is actually a very serious problem, and is a number of bugs that consist in an application breaking when trying to run it on ColdFusion 9 with the cfGrid tag Deferred NotEnoughTime
162 3041294 2010-04-07 Bug 82644:(Watson Migration Closure)In CSS3 the "@font-face" construct is used to embed a custom font and give an alias, and then a CSS class can later refer to the custom font alias fo r use in the font-family property Deferred NotEnoughTime
163 3041334 2010-04-15 Bug 82701:(Watson Migration Closure)Summary: XML datatype not treated like a native datatype in CFC explorerIf one browses to a CFC file, the CFC explorer generates some API documentation for it Deferred NotEnoughTime
164 3041357 2010-04-21 Bug 82726:(Watson Migration Closure)cfinput should not always include the terminating slash in the associated input tag that it generates Deferred NotEnoughTime
165 3041369 2010-04-25 Bug 82739:(Watson Migration Closure)When using the CFIMAP tag to move a message from the inbox to a subfolder of the inbox, the message is no longer readable from within Outlook Web Access Deferred NotEnoughTime
166 3041399 2010-04-30 Bug 82787:(Watson Migration Closure)Default cannot be used as an argument name in cfscript Deferred NotEnoughTime
167 3041426 2010-05-10 Bug 82835:(Watson Migration Closure)there's a bug in the docs for the RegisteredDelivery field in sending SMS:http://help Deferred NotEnoughTime
168 3041451 2010-05-14 Bug 82884:-(Watson Migration Closure)When running MXUnit tests from the Eclipse Plugin, cftrace will cause the cf server to throw the "Variable DEBUGGER is not defined" error Deferred NotEnoughTime
169 3041452 2010-05-14 Bug 82889:(Watson Migration Closure)Hi there,We have recently upgraded our database from Sybase 6 to Sybase 11 Deferred NotEnoughTime
170 3041463 2010-05-17 Bug 82912:(Watson Migration Closure)When CFAVECONTENT is rendering content that contains a bare less-than character (<) it will suppress a space following the character Deferred NotEnoughTime
171 3041465 2010-05-17 Bug 82914:(Watson Migration Closure)If you use fileUpload with nameconflict=error, the error mentions the "tag", not the function Deferred NotEnoughTime
172 3041466 2010-05-17 Bug 82915:(Watson Migration Closure)When passing cfcatch to a function, inside function if you do isStruct() around the variable that cfcatch is being passed to isStruct returns false even though when you dump the variable the dump says Deferred NotEnoughTime
173 3041477 2010-05-18 Bug 82935:(Watson Migration Closure)[documentation] CFGRID examples promote sql injection risksPlease consider updating the CFGRID examples (in all versions) to remove queries like the ones below that are wide open to sql injection Deferred NotEnoughTime
174 3041481 2010-05-19 Bug 82957:(Watson Migration Closure)The problem occurs with cfldap Deferred NotEnoughTime
175 3041486 2010-05-20 Bug 82977:(Watson Migration Closure)Everytime I run the Server Monitor, I get a Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) Deferred NotEnoughTime
176 3041497 2010-05-22 Bug 83000:(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] Bug for: semicolon not required after writeDump()writeDump('') (no ";")does not throw error, but should? Deferred NotEnoughTime
177 3041545 2010-05-26 Bug 83083:(Watson Migration Closure)Extracting text using <cfpdf action="extracttext" Deferred NotEnoughTime
178 3041582 2010-05-29 Bug 83129:-(Watson Migration Closure)CF tells users "session is invalid" and also every session remains in memory and doesn't expire Deferred NotEnoughTime
179 3041599 2010-06-01 Bug 83177:(Watson Migration Closure)Using CFMail in 32-bit CF Enterprise 8 Deferred NotEnoughTime
180 3041624 2010-06-06 Bug 83273:(Watson Migration Closure)no mention of the new SMS gateway BINDING types in the docs, just in the sms-test Deferred NotEnoughTime
181 3041628 2010-06-07 Bug 83290:(Watson Migration Closure)when using cf SMS gateway to send multipart SMS using sarMsgRefNum, sarTotalSegments & sarSegmentSeqnum any dynamic values (ie for msg reference number & segment sequence numbers) have to be javacast Deferred NotEnoughTime
182 3041647 2010-06-11 Bug 83339:(Watson Migration Closure)When we merge three seperate documents the internal page indexing preserves the original indexes Deferred NotEnoughTime
183 3041650 2010-06-13 Bug 83341:-(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] Derby 'CDATA does not exist' error after Deferred NotEnoughTime
184 3041656 2010-06-15 Bug 83349:-(Watson Migration Closure)cfdirectory action="list" recurse="yes" throws null pointer exception if it encounters directories it cannot read Deferred NotEnoughTime
185 3041664 2010-06-16 Bug 83365:(Watson Migration Closure)1 Deferred NotEnoughTime
186 3041667 2010-06-17 Bug 83372:(Watson Migration Closure)We've recently upgraded from CF 8 Enterprise to CF 9 Enterprise with hotfix 1 Deferred NotEnoughTime
187 3041668 2010-06-17 Bug 83373:(Watson Migration Closure)Is there any reason why the installer starts the cfusion instance and Deferred NotEnoughTime
188 3041671 2010-06-17 Bug 83377:(Watson Migration Closure)Cannot add argument metadata if no default value is given for the argument Deferred NotEnoughTime
189 3041672 2010-06-17 Bug 83378:(Watson Migration Closure)for( var i in arr ) where arr is a native array fails, though this worked in earlier versions of 9 Deferred NotEnoughTime
190 3041685 2010-06-19 Bug 83395:(Watson Migration Closure)setLocale() and getLocale() give inconsistent results for some locales in the server Deferred NotEnoughTime
191 3041686 2010-06-20 Bug 83396:(Watson Migration Closure)Creating implicit N-D arrays without explicit initialization creates structures for unintiallized array elements Deferred NotEnoughTime
192 3041690 2010-06-21 Bug 83415:(Watson Migration Closure)cf's SMPP server doesn't seem capable of receiving multipart SMS correctly Deferred NotEnoughTime
193 3041696 2010-06-22 Bug 83423:(Watson Migration Closure)Summary: getPageContext() Deferred NotEnoughTime
194 3041720 2010-06-29 Bug 83455:(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] Bug for: cfdocument inserts new page at page 2If image width is more than page width then <cfdocument> is inserting a blank page at Page2 Deferred NotEnoughTime
195 3041723 2010-06-30 Bug 83462:(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] Bug for: Invalid cfgridcolumn name attribute results in slightly incorrect exception message Deferred NotEnoughTime
196 3041724 2010-06-30 Bug 83465:(Watson Migration Closure)I can click Stop on logs that are not stopable Deferred NotEnoughTime
197 3041729 2010-07-01 Bug 83475:(Watson Migration Closure)In CF9, you no longer need to pass in the TYPE argument for CreateObject():<cfset com = createObject( "component Deferred NotEnoughTime
198 3041732 2010-07-05 Bug 83490:(Watson Migration Closure)Problem occurs wtih the coldfusion Deferred NotEnoughTime
199 3041742 2010-07-06 Bug 83505:-(Watson Migration Closure)Using <cfmenu>, only the text part of a <cfmenuitem> "row" is clickable when the target= option is used Deferred NotEnoughTime
200 3041749 2010-07-08 Bug 83516:(Watson Migration Closure)the cf9 query cfc seems to be missing a true in a listToArray() as the 3rd argument 'includeEmptyFields' Deferred NotEnoughTime
201 3041750 2010-07-08 Bug 83517:(Watson Migration Closure)in the new cf9 cfscript query cfcyou must have a space after named parameters Deferred NotEnoughTime
202 3041752 2010-07-09 Bug 83524:(Watson Migration Closure)Summary: randRange() glitchI just spotted this in CF8 Deferred NotEnoughTime
203 3041754 2010-07-09 Bug 83525:(Watson Migration Closure)I�m using CF as a backend to a Flex application Deferred NotEnoughTime
204 3041763 2010-07-13 Bug 83573:-(Watson Migration Closure)Steps:1 Deferred NotEnoughTime
205 3041770 2010-07-14 Bug 83591:(Watson Migration Closure)isDate function gives incorrect results Deferred NotEnoughTime
206 3041781 2010-07-15 Bug 83600:(Watson Migration Closure)Datasource username entry - if an existing value is cleared (to blank value) and this change submitted OK, then re-dsiplayed, it shows previous value (when it should be blank/empty) Deferred NotEnoughTime
207 3041783 2010-07-16 Bug 83609:(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] Bug for: <cflogin /> within <cffunction /> creates variables Deferred NotEnoughTime
208 3041795 2010-07-20 Bug 83642:(Watson Migration Closure)The web service log will not log when you call a ws via createObject Deferred NotEnoughTime
209 3041810 2010-07-25 Bug 83657:(Watson Migration Closure)sessionmanagement=true using Application Deferred NotEnoughTime
210 3041818 2010-07-27 Bug 83682:(Watson Migration Closure)The evalution order of conditionals with implicit structs and arrays is wrong Deferred NotEnoughTime
211 3041826 2010-07-29 Bug 83703:(Watson Migration Closure)When you rename a datasource, all advanced settings are lost Deferred NotEnoughTime
212 3041842 2010-07-29 Bug 83726:(Watson Migration Closure)Error message when using tag wrapper functions in expressions is confusing Deferred NotEnoughTime
213 3041855 2010-08-03 Bug 83749:-(Watson Migration Closure)There is a problem when you do a query of query when you use a queryService query of a queryNew() query Deferred NotEnoughTime
214 3041891 2010-08-17 Bug 83835:(Watson Migration Closure)If the first run (since server start) new http(); occurs inside a thread, the call silently fails Deferred NotEnoughTime
215 3041900 2010-08-18 Bug 83855:-(Watson Migration Closure)Our previous Web server environment consisted of 32 bit Windows Server 2003, IIS 6, and ColdFusion MX 6 Deferred NotEnoughTime
216 3041904 2010-08-18 Bug 83859:-(Watson Migration Closure)http wrapper component breaks CSV parsing with tab separators by trimming all attributes Deferred NotEnoughTime
217 3041906 2010-08-18 Bug 83861:-(Watson Migration Closure)Cannot set attributes on result of cfhttp Deferred NotEnoughTime
218 3041909 2010-08-19 Bug 83868:(Watson Migration Closure)fileSeek should return the position per the docs, but it returns nothing Deferred NotEnoughTime
219 3041912 2010-08-19 Bug 83871:(Watson Migration Closure)structCopy doesn't copy the arguments scope Deferred NotEnoughTime
220 3041915 2010-08-20 Bug 83891:(Watson Migration Closure)using cfpdf to create thumbnails I can't seem to delete the thumbnails immediately after they're created Deferred NotEnoughTime
221 3041920 2010-08-21 Bug 83895:-(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] Bug for: TOC missing in CF9 Deferred NotEnoughTime
222 3041921 2010-08-21 Bug 83896:(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] Bug for: TOC missing in CF9 Deferred NotEnoughTime
223 3041926 2010-08-22 Bug 83902:(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] Doc bug for: <cfindex categoryTree is not Verity-specificER #73303 was added, but the cfindex documentation was not updated Deferred NotEnoughTime
224 3041932 2010-08-24 Bug 83927:(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] Bug for: cfdirectory error msg suggests "recursive" attributeAttempting to delete a non-empty directory, throws the following error message (if not using recurse attribute):"This directory is Deferred NotEnoughTime
225 3041936 2010-08-24 Bug 83932:(Watson Migration Closure)Imagine you have a mapping for /org that points to a folder Deferred NotEnoughTime
226 3041958 2010-08-28 Bug 83969:-(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] Doc bug for: DSN SSL Connection properties table missing "EncryptionMethod" propertyRelated URL: http://help Deferred NotEnoughTime
227 3042122 2010-09-02 Bug 84019:(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] Bug for: Deferred NotEnoughTime
228 3042128 2010-09-08 Bug 84081:(Watson Migration Closure)Create a query Deferred NotEnoughTime
229 3042145 2010-09-10 Bug 84125:(Watson Migration Closure)In CF8, ListToArray('foo', '') returns an array with a single element containing 'foo', while in CF9, each character ends up in its own element Deferred NotEnoughTime
230 3042146 2010-09-10 Bug 84126:(Watson Migration Closure)Cascade rules are not applied to the database Deferred NotEnoughTime
231 3042150 2010-09-13 Bug 84144:(Watson Migration Closure)Change the error description for disabled scopes Deferred NotEnoughTime
232 3042181 2010-09-15 Bug 84203:(Watson Migration Closure)Summary: CFHTTP errors on CSV data with embedded line breaksSee steps to reproduce Deferred NotEnoughTime
233 3042184 2010-09-15 Bug 84209:(Watson Migration Closure)When a reteurn structure is created(we'll call it rtn) and then an update query is executed with a Name attribute of rtn (matching the name of the struct) it deletes the struct Deferred NotEnoughTime
234 3042187 2010-09-15 Bug 84212:(Watson Migration Closure)ColdFusion 6 and 7 throw an application error on an empty or space/tab filled Evaluate function call like this: Evaluate("") or Evaluate(" ") However, ColdFusion 9 Deferred NotEnoughTime
235 3042220 2010-09-22 Bug 84310:(Watson Migration Closure)Summary: listSort accepts non-numbers for numeric sortsSee the code in the steps to reproduce Deferred NotEnoughTime
236 3042227 2010-09-23 Bug 84339:(Watson Migration Closure)If you use queryConvertForGrid on a query where one of the columns is a clob, it turns the clob value into an array of one character each Deferred NotEnoughTime
237 3042238 2010-09-24 Bug 84359:(Watson Migration Closure)Summary: replaceListNoCase()There is a replaceList() function, but - unlike other replace functions - not replaceListNoCase() Deferred NotEnoughTime
238 3042270 2010-09-27 Bug 84406:(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] Bug for: Tag vs CFScript wrt CF exception line#When error is thrown in nested if, CF exception indicates correct line number for tag, but incorrect line number for CFScript Deferred NotEnoughTime
239 3042349 2010-10-04 Bug 84520:(Watson Migration Closure)In fairly complex application I tried to mixing table per subclass and table per class hierarchy inheritance Deferred NotEnoughTime
240 3042374 2010-10-05 Bug 84546:(Watson Migration Closure)If you use curl to send a malformed post to a CFM file, specifically, a name w/o a = sign:curl -d test http://someserver/some Deferred NotEnoughTime
241 3042464 2010-10-14 Bug 84664:(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] Deferred NotEnoughTime
242 3042477 2010-10-15 Bug 84676:(Watson Migration Closure)arguments are not being type checked properly when specified as "numeric" Deferred NotEnoughTime
243 3042491 2010-10-17 Bug 84684:(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] Bug for: HTML cfform ignores cfsilent & cfsavecontent Deferred NotEnoughTime
244 3042505 2010-10-18 Bug 84703:(Watson Migration Closure)Under load, query of query references appear in snapshots generated during server outages Deferred NotEnoughTime
245 3042524 2010-10-20 Bug 84728:(Watson Migration Closure)The PDF file generated by the cfdocument tag does not come up correctly Deferred NotEnoughTime
246 3042527 2010-10-20 Bug 84730:(Watson Migration Closure)see above Deferred NotEnoughTime
247 3042551 2010-10-21 Bug 84761:(Watson Migration Closure)Collection language select box is null if CF Admin user is a guest user (created from user manager) Deferred NotEnoughTime
248 3042626 2010-10-28 Bug 84888:(Watson Migration Closure)When I set a password during install that uses special case characters (TestP@$$w0rd), I am not able to login after the install completes and wants to perferm the last configuration changes Deferred NotEnoughTime
249 3042634 2010-10-28 Bug 84895:(Watson Migration Closure)Adam Cameron and I are not agreeing on the expected behavior of argumentCollection Deferred NotEnoughTime
250 3042652 2010-10-29 Bug 84914:(Watson Migration Closure)I've got an install of Mangoblog here Deferred NotEnoughTime
251 3042660 2010-11-01 Bug 84920:(Watson Migration Closure)\"\" passed as arguments to CFEXECUTE gets run as \\"\"For example: <CFEXECUTE NAME="run Deferred NotEnoughTime
252 3042662 2010-11-02 Bug 84924:(Watson Migration Closure) <cfset newlist = "43 Deferred NotEnoughTime
253 3042669 2010-11-03 Bug 84932:(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] Bug for: (typo in error msg) Addtl params passed into a function, which accepts exactly 2+ Deferred NotEnoughTime
254 3042672 2010-11-03 Bug 84933:(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] Doc Bug for: ListLen()'s "includeEmptyFields" undocumentedDoc for ListLen(): http://help Deferred NotEnoughTime
255 3042675 2010-11-06 Bug 84936:(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] Bug for: getHTTPRequestData(true|false) returns same resultFirst, the fact that getHTTPRequestData() accepts a boolean parameter is undocumented Deferred NotEnoughTime
256 3042676 2010-11-07 Bug 84938:(Watson Migration Closure)Imagine a collection of files Deferred NotEnoughTime
257 3042687 2010-11-09 Bug 84958:(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] ER for: cfpdfform action="populate" not breaking Reader ExtensionsI would prefer for cfpdfform action="populate" to not break a PDF's Reader Extensions Deferred NotEnoughTime
258 3042688 2010-11-09 Bug 84959:(Watson Migration Closure)Livejournal has introduced Content-MD5 header (on 9 Sep 2010) and CFHTTP fails to calculate verification hash throwing an error java Deferred NotEnoughTime
259 3042731 2010-11-11 Bug 85002:(Watson Migration Closure)ColdFusion generates incorrect WSDL when style="document" and I there is more than 1 array type in the response Deferred NotEnoughTime
260 3042757 2010-11-12 Bug 85040:(Watson Migration Closure)XML form data created in a LiveCycle PDF form and read back in using cfpdfform's populate action returns the following error:"An exception has occured in the processing of PDF forms Deferred NotEnoughTime
261 3042762 2010-11-12 Bug 85047:(Watson Migration Closure)When generating a WSDL file for a CFC, the name of any complexType (CFC) is automatically capitalized, regardless of the displayname attribute of the corresponding CFC Deferred NotEnoughTime
262 3042764 2010-11-14 Bug 85050:(Watson Migration Closure)When using cfscript's for() loop, there's no way to specify an alternate delimiter Deferred NotEnoughTime
263 3042767 2010-11-15 Bug 85053:(Watson Migration Closure)Summary: bad spelling in error msgThis is on CF8, not CF9 Deferred NotEnoughTime
264 3042791 2010-11-17 Bug 85085:(Watson Migration Closure)DateConvert() gives incorrect results during a one hour period once a year if OS is set to a time zone that observes Daylight Saving Time Deferred NotEnoughTime
265 3042808 2010-11-18 Bug 85101:(Watson Migration Closure)The following line of code fails:<cfset array = evaluate("[]") />I would expect it to set array to a new/empty array Deferred NotEnoughTime
266 3042841 2010-11-23 Bug 85153:(Watson Migration Closure)Here's the problem: Deferred NotEnoughTime
267 3042852 2010-11-25 Bug 85177:-(Watson Migration Closure)Summary: docs for structKeyExists() are wrongFrom the docs:[quote]ReturnsTrue, if key is in structure; if structure does not exist, ColdFusion throws an exception Deferred NotEnoughTime
268 3042854 2010-11-25 Bug 85182:(Watson Migration Closure)I don't know why this - http://www Deferred NotEnoughTime
269 3042882 2010-11-29 Bug 85229:(Watson Migration Closure)In a Windows Integrated Authentication environment, the <CFFILEUPLOAD> tag prompts for credentials even after you've already authenticated to the server Deferred NotEnoughTime
270 3042897 2010-11-30 Bug 85250:(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] Doc bug for: imageResize/imageScaleToFit "blurFactor" descriptionCurrently, the "blurFactor" description, for imageResize and imageScaleToFit, is: "Optional Deferred NotEnoughTime
271 3042955 2010-12-10 Bug 85345:(Watson Migration Closure)REReplaceNoCase () fails to throw a catchable exception during a stack overflow in a specific regular expression Deferred NotEnoughTime
272 3042970 2010-12-13 Bug 85367:(Watson Migration Closure)System throw error when CFSCRIPT + STRUCTURE + KEY="interface" Deferred NotEnoughTime
273 3042972 2010-12-14 Bug 85380:(Watson Migration Closure)Coldfusion is supposed to search recursively for custom tags and stop at the first result Deferred NotEnoughTime
274 3043005 2010-12-28 Bug 85472:(Watson Migration Closure)It looks like the query strips out TABS from the SQL statement and will corrupt the named params Deferred NotEnoughTime
275 3043013 2011-01-03 Bug 85487:(Watson Migration Closure)I got an error trying to add an Access db Deferred NotEnoughTime
276 3043022 2011-01-04 Bug 85496:(Watson Migration Closure)If you search against 2 collections, the results are not ranked by score - but by collection Deferred NotEnoughTime
277 3043024 2011-01-04 Bug 85498:(Watson Migration Closure)The query returned by cfsearch doesn't properly type the columns Deferred NotEnoughTime
278 3043030 2011-01-05 Bug 85511:(Watson Migration Closure)java Deferred NotEnoughTime
279 3043035 2011-01-06 Bug 85534:-(Watson Migration Closure)Documentation for CFINVOKEARGUMENT is incorrect and functionality does not work as expected Deferred NotEnoughTime
280 3043060 2011-01-12 Bug 85799:(Watson Migration Closure)When using the Profile attribute in the Head tag at the same time as CFForm, the produced page will show the following at the top of the page:profile="http://www Deferred NotEnoughTime
281 3043124 2011-01-19 Bug 85916:(Watson Migration Closure)storeSetMetadata() will override previous storeAddACL() calls Deferred NotEnoughTime
282 3043141 2011-01-20 Bug 85934:(Watson Migration Closure)Cfgrid stopped working correctly after updating with latest cumulative hot fix 4 for cf 8 Deferred NotEnoughTime
283 3043152 2011-01-21 Bug 85953:(Watson Migration Closure)On CFINPUT you are unable to use the attribute onvalidateAt="onBlur" whilst using validate="regex", with a pattern - nothing happens and the event fails to get run Deferred NotEnoughTime
284 3043166 2011-01-23 Bug 85968:(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] Bug for: left("a", 2) returns 'a' instead of error<cfscript> myString = "a"; writeOutput(left(myString, 2));//returns asdf writeOutput(myString Deferred NotEnoughTime
285 3043190 2011-01-26 Bug 85996:-(Watson Migration Closure)ColdFusion start problem on Windows System which has Turkish localeWhen we install any version of ColdFusion since CFMX with JRun backend (both standalone and multi server), if the operating system is Deferred NotEnoughTime
286 3043224 2011-01-28 Bug 86057:(Watson Migration Closure)The directory watcher gateway seems to fire the onAdd method of the gateway as soon as a file is added, potentially before the file is completely written Deferred NotEnoughTime
287 3043270 2011-02-02 Bug 86140:-(Watson Migration Closure)[maestrofjp] The function ParseDateTime() incorrect parses Unix Datetime strings Deferred NotEnoughTime
288 3043272 2011-02-02 Bug 86142:(Watson Migration Closure)There seems to be a mistake in the Server Manager details view display of information Deferred NotEnoughTime
289 3043273 2011-02-02 Bug 86143:(Watson Migration Closure)On CF 9 Standard, the CF Admin page for "Server Monitoring" does not list a link to start the Server Manager, though the ServerManager is supported for Standard Deferred NotEnoughTime
290 3043285 2011-02-03 Bug 86178:-(Watson Migration Closure)I have a standard form with preservedata="yes" and a bunch of checkboxes with the same name Deferred NotEnoughTime
291 3043312 2011-02-08 Bug 86260:-(Watson Migration Closure)Misleading error message for nested CFOutput tags where INNER tag is query driven Deferred NotEnoughTime
292 3043333 2011-02-09 Bug 86288:(Watson Migration Closure)After installing yesterday's patch, none of my Flex applications work Deferred NotEnoughTime
293 3043339 2011-02-09 Bug 86295:(Watson Migration Closure)With the release of Coldfusion 9 Deferred NotEnoughTime
294 3043422 2011-02-22 Bug 86445:-(Watson Migration Closure)For some reason CF seems unable to find Components which do actualy exist Deferred NotEnoughTime
295 3043439 2011-02-23 Bug 86470:-(Watson Migration Closure)We use an Oracle function to decrypt passwords stored in Oracle and retrieve the stored password to compare with an encrypted password submitted by a user Deferred NotEnoughTime
296 3043457 2011-02-25 Bug 86493:-(Watson Migration Closure)<textarea> containing CHR(13) and CHR(10) linebreak is shown empty (!) in cfdocument althoug there is a lot of other text in the textareahttp://forums Deferred NotEnoughTime
297 3043515 2011-03-04 Bug 86590:-(Watson Migration Closure)isValid("variableName", Deferred NotEnoughTime
298 3043620 2011-03-18 Bug 86715:(Watson Migration Closure)Can't add any aliasing through the console, so all my requests show up as index Deferred NotEnoughTime
299 3043638 2011-03-21 Bug 86731:-(Watson Migration Closure)CF901 improved ORM error reporting quite a bit, but I just got this error and have no idea what CFC to check Deferred NotEnoughTime
300 3043658 2011-03-27 Bug 86751:-(Watson Migration Closure)Entity can't handle mapping an FK back to itself Deferred NotEnoughTime
301 3043668 2011-03-29 Bug 86761:-(Watson Migration Closure)When writing the following code the attached error is produced, this makes param binding with numeric values impossible Deferred NotEnoughTime
302 3043681 2011-04-01 Bug 86774:(Watson Migration Closure)[ANeff] Bug for: minor typo in wddx2cfml exception messageThis is minor, but an extra " Deferred NotEnoughTime
303 3043690 2011-04-04 Bug 86783:(Watson Migration Closure)When you rollback a transaction the current ORM session is not cleared as stated in the docs Deferred NotEnoughTime
304 3043773 2011-04-21 Bug 86859:-(Watson Migration Closure)We need a way to be able to use interceptors in ColdFusion ORM, things like postFlush is missing in the normal events Deferred NotEnoughTime
305 3043842 2011-05-31 Bug 86925:-(Watson Migration Closure)ColdFusion does not provide much useful information when Hibernate returns an event handler exception Deferred NotEnoughTime
306 3043850 2011-06-06 Bug 86932:-(Watson Migration Closure)Default Printer is null but there is only 1 printer installed, and marked at default in Vista already Deferred NotEnoughTime
307 3043859 2011-06-13 Bug 86940:-(Watson Migration Closure)Remove attribute of cfmail is always true Deferred NotEnoughTime
308 3043860 2011-06-14 Bug 86941:(Watson Migration Closure)When you use expandPath('/unc_directory_location/') in a cfthread instead of displaying UNC path (\\some_file_server\unc_directory_location\) it acts like UNC folder is located on web server and g Deferred NotEnoughTime
309 3043865 2011-06-16 Bug 86946:-(Watson Migration Closure)If you use XMLFormat() in the value of an attribute in a node to escape some HTML from the value Deferred NotEnoughTime
310 3043869 2011-06-21 Bug 86950:(Watson Migration Closure)CFPOP does not see any attachments when they are sent from iPad Deferred NotEnoughTime
311 3043888 2011-07-06 Bug 86968:(Watson Migration Closure)When running <cfpdf action="extractText" type="xml" pages="*" name="someVar" source="somepdf Deferred NotEnoughTime
312 3043911 2011-07-21 Bug 86989:(Watson Migration Closure)The following code loads the form without any data in the select box in the latest versions of Safari and Chrome (Safari 5 Deferred NotEnoughTime
313 3043918 2011-07-26 Bug 86995:(Watson Migration Closure)When we try to extract thumbnails from some PDFs, we get the following error:PDFDocException error during thumbnail operation Deferred NotEnoughTime
314 3043934 2011-08-05 Bug 87011:(Watson Migration Closure)I am unable to define a function argument default value in cfscript annotations Deferred NotEnoughTime
315 3043978 2011-08-19 Bug 87053:(Watson Migration Closure)When calliing serializeJSON on a date, the formatting of output is wrong Deferred NotEnoughTime
316 3044004 2011-08-24 Bug 87079:(Watson Migration Closure)Debugging information for stored procedures is not being displayed on included templates Deferred NotEnoughTime
317 3044008 2011-08-29 Bug 87083:(Watson Migration Closure)[maestrofjp] You should be able to set an implicit datatype to a STRING (like a database or XML file) and run Evaluate() on that string to deserialize that into a CFML data struct Deferred NotEnoughTime
318 3044032 2011-09-21 Bug 87107:-(Watson Migration Closure)1) Given two components in the same directory c:\somewhere\somedirectory\ and a mapping to that directory in CF ADmin: /somedir =c:\somewhere\some directory CFC1 Deferred NotEnoughTime
319 3044050 2011-10-04 Bug 87124:-(Watson Migration Closure)Whe using the CF9 Deferred NotEnoughTime
320 3044053 2011-10-07 Bug 87127:-(Watson Migration Closure)Client Variables continually prepare and unprepare statements when using SQL Server Deferred NotEnoughTime
321 3044054 2011-10-07 Bug 87128:-(Watson Migration Closure)The default client variable storage mechanism on a windows server is the windows registry Deferred NotEnoughTime
322 3044060 2011-10-10 Bug 87134:-(Watson Migration Closure)On oracle, I'm encountering an error where i can't update an object which is being managed in the table per subclass with discriminator object heirarchy as described here: http://help Deferred NotEnoughTime
323 3085248 2011-12-05 Bug 87179:-(Watson Migration Closure)"Invalid Date: header (not RFC 2822)" in Spam Assassin Deferred NotEnoughTime
324 3085313 2011-12-14 Bug 87239:-(Watson Migration Closure)When using the ip address of the ftp server in the cfftp tag, the java timeout error is received Deferred NotEnoughTime
325 3085327 2011-12-20 Bug 87250:-(Watson Migration Closure)CFIDE/portlets/application Deferred NotEnoughTime
326 3085329 2011-12-23 Bug 87252:-(Watson Migration Closure)Race condition between portlets and onServerStart() when CF runs as a WAR in Liferay Deferred NotEnoughTime
327 3086154 2011-10-24 Bug 87150:-(Watson Migration Closure)<cfscript> qry = QueryNew(""); col1 = ["this doesn't bother me", "this one does"]; queryAddColumn(qry, "col1", col1); </cfscript> <cfquery dbtype="query" name="q"> SELECT* FROMqry WHEREcol1 NOT LIKE ' Deferred NotEnoughTime
328 3086161 2011-11-09 Bug 87160:-(Watson Migration Closure)when doing <cfftp secure="true" Deferred NotEnoughTime
329 3109813 2012-02-09 Unable to view log files of remote server configured to server manager Deferred NotEnoughTime
330 3114267 2012-01-12 Bug 87267:-(Watson Migration Closure)Documentation Issue Deferred NotEnoughTime
331 3114268 2012-01-15 Bug 87268:-(Watson Migration Closure)Attribute 'bookmarkTitle' for the DDX command TableOfContents is documented to work but it produces an error Deferred NotEnoughTime
332 3114269 2012-01-15 Bug 87269:-(Watson Migration Closure)<_BookmarkTitle/> DDX Assembler variable within TableOfContentsEntryPattern produces an error Deferred NotEnoughTime
333 3114273 2012-01-16 Bug 87272:-(Watson Migration Closure)Clean install on Windows 2008 R2 server Deferred NotEnoughTime
334 3114282 2012-01-30 Bug 87280:-(Watson Migration Closure)I found that while in the Application constructor, one can't use per application or administrator mappings Deferred NotEnoughTime
335 3114294 2012-02-07 Bug 87336:-(Watson Migration Closure)When using Oracle's Thin JDBC Drivers (11GR2) you cannot update a CLOB column using <cfqueryparam cf_sql_type="cf_sql_clob"> Deferred NotEnoughTime
336 3114295 2012-02-07 Bug 87337:-(Watson Migration Closure)When using ColdFusion's built in Oracle drivers, any query that uses an Oracle database link causes "removeOnExceptions is true for <datasource name> Closed the physical connection Deferred NotEnoughTime
337 3114298 2012-02-09 Bug 87368:-(Watson Migration Closure)I have noticed an issue with the ImageResize() function: When resizing a Deferred NotEnoughTime
338 3125298 2012-02-28 Tag body silently ignored when it "must" be empty Deferred NotEnoughTime
339 3129813 2012-03-04 Uninstalling leaves things running Deferred NotEnoughTime
340 3129822 2012-03-04 Web Connector has no selection for instance Deferred NotEnoughTime
341 3135080 2012-03-11 Cannot invoke anonymous functions Deferred NotEnoughTime
342 3135083 2012-03-11 Cannot immediately invoke a function returned from a function Deferred NotEnoughTime
343 3154884 2012-04-01 CGI.HTTP_USER_AGENT is [empty string] for task handler events Deferred NotEnoughTime
344 3160762 2012-04-09 Now as we are officially supporting tomcat as an app server , there should be a provision to do a Remote start/stop to CFServer deployed on tomcat from ServerManager . Also Remote Start/Stop from Server Manager doesn't work for JBoss 7 and WebSphere ND 7 Deferred NotEnoughTime
345 3162929 2012-04-11 Raising Bug 3130196 again, creating a war installs services that should not be installed Deferred NotEnoughTime
346 3171058 2012-04-20 On Mac: Standalone SOLR installation fails with the default directory Deferred NotEnoughTime
347 3181525 2012-05-03 Uninstall Removes mod_jk.conf file from Apache config Deferred NotEnoughTime
348 3334174 2012-09-20 Interfaces are slow, continuously checked if modified (implementedInterfacesChanged/getLastModifiedTime) Deferred NotEnoughTime
349 3648120 2013-10-09 Another example of scoping issues with inconsistent bahviour Deferred NotEnoughTime