Friday 16 May 2014

CF.Objective(): this is the end

Sorry that I've not been writing much during CFO... I certainly intended to but wasn't in the position to, or the right mindset to do so. I've got lots of ideas queued up, but I need some time to do some research before I write anything down.

And remember when I said this:
Note to self: no hangovers. Do not put yourself in a situation in which you end up with a hangover.
Well that idea did not see fruition at all. This is part of why not a great deal of writing got done.

Anyway, what I did want to say is thank-you to the crew who organised the conference for us all: you really did a great job. And you know me... I'm not just saying that.

I'm not gonna list people's names - you know who you are anyhow - but it was really really excellent to catch up with a whole bunch of people I either hadn't seen since the last time we were @ the same conference at the same time, or who I'd only ever had dealings with online. If I meant to catch up with you and didn't... sorry!

OK, that's it. I have to go post a postcard to my boy, and then... [shudder]... back to the bar.

I never learn ;-)