Thursday 29 August 2013

Most popular unhandled ColdFusion bugs

Apropos of not much, I grabbed a list of all the ColdFusion bugs in the bugbase that:
  • have ten or more votes;
  • do not have a status of "fixed".
Here's a table of them, and my thoughts.


Handled appropriately
Handled inappropriately
Adobe's decision is incorrect
Should be fixed/implemented

IDVotesVersionStatusCreatedTitleMy thoughts
3035879 44 9.0.0 ToFix/WasDeferred 2008-08-20 Bug 72751:Support for NTLM (Microsoft) and Digest Authentication on all CF HTTP operations Excellent news
3044009 36 9.0.1 ToTrack/PRNeedInfo 2011-08-29 Bug 87084:[maestrofjp] I've confirmed there is a bug in ACF9 having to do with StructKeyDelete() and structs shared by reference It's marked as needing info, but they've not asked for any
3043421 28 9.0.1 NeverFix/NotWorthEffort 2011-02-22 Bug 86444:[MEsher] We have an application that queries for 1 million + rows, then loops over those rows with cfloop query="records" and performs operations TBH, I don't think "not worth effort" is a good answer here. We're talking lots and lots of records, but clearly there is a memory management issue which is perhaps symptomatic of a broader issue.
3039398 23 9.0.0 Withdrawn/NotABug 2009-07-22 Bug 78990:(Watson Migration Closure)The new CFC-Bean functionality breaks all version of Mach-II when used with the extremely common <event-bean> XML command in Mach-II because no init() available I have no idea what the person raising the issue is on about.
3040369 23 9.0.0 NeverFix/ 2009-10-30 Bug 80530:Using cfajaximport on a page to import "cfwindow" or "cflayout-border" (or possibly others) breaks page display Seems ike CF's CSS is interfering where it shouldn't, if I read this correctly. If so, they should sort their act out.
3041771 23 9.0.0 Withdrawn/CannotReproduce 2010-07-14 Bug 83592:Please add a new querytimeout to go with the new "query timeout" DSN setting added in CF9 -
3037174 20 9.0.0 Deferred/NotEnoughTime 2009-01-06 Bug 74798:Using comments to specify metadata is beginning to look like a bad idea I reckon this needs looking at. The current approach is poor and should be deprecated in favour of not using "comments that are code".
3039278 19 9.0.0 Withdrawn/NotABug 2009-07-14 Bug 78782:The value provided by cgi Some explanation as to why this isn't a bug is necessary here.
3043374 18 9.0.1 Withdrawn/NotABug 2011-02-14 Bug 86367:If a entity contains relationships to other entities, cfdump can become unresponsive due to the basic _size_ of the output This is closed as "not a bug", even though it's been raised as a feature request. So: no, it's not a bug and no-one was saying it was. Ray has a good point though, and it's a good idea.
3042650 16 9.0.1 Withdrawn/Duplicate 2010-10-29 Bug 84911:(Watson Migration Closure)serializeJSON or returnformat=json does not properly serialize an array of objects(entities) returned from entityLoad() or executeQuery()This was working in 9 And the duplicate is fixed. Cool.
3041494 14 9.0.0 Withdrawn/ 2010-05-21 Bug 82997:When trying to make HTTPS call, I am getting a "Could not generate secret" error in the ssl debug (adding javax No explanation as to why it was withdrawn.
3037981 13 9.0.0 Deferred/NotEnoughTime 2009-03-23 Bug 76132:Configure access type of implicit getters/setters -
3043296 13 9.0.0 Deferred/NotEnoughTime 2011-02-04 Bug 86199:Add CFML and XML tag literals to cfscript (Enhancement Request)Performing queries and queries of queries in cfscript is quite verbose (compary to using the cfquery tag) I'm really "ambivalent" on this one. I think it was a bad idea from the outset, so have no problem with it not being done.
3036970 12 9.0.0 NeverFix/ 2008-12-04 Bug 73995:FROM AN EMAIL IN THE PRERELEASE FORUM: -
3037270 12 9.0.0 Deferred/NotEnoughTime 2009-01-15 Bug 75003:There is no way that I can find to specify the name of the calendar for <CFEXCHANGE> to use Make. Time.
3040192 12 9.0.0 Withdrawn/CannotReproduce 2009-09-21 Bug 80120:Detected duplicate HTTP-based FlexSessions in Remote Object callsFlex Remoting fault errors in doing Flex remoting to CF9 -
3040327 12 9.0.0 NeverFix/ 2009-10-20 Bug 80421:CF8 AJAX functionality, including tabs an windows, uses different ext version, causing most code using the standard coldfusion tags and JS functions to at the least look differently, and in my experie -
3041092 12 9.0.0 Withdrawn/Duplicate 2010-03-06 Bug 82362:[Update - This bug was marked as duplicate and closed as duplicate because we were tracking the same issue with another internal bug 82361 If the duplicate is an internal issue, they should close THAT one, and leave the public-facing one open so we can see the issue status.
3041263 12 9.0.0 Deferred/NotEnoughTime 2010-04-01 Bug 82579:(Watson Migration Closure)Function call should be allowed on any expression that yields a function: Again: Make time.
3042880 12 9.0.1 Withdrawn/Duplicate 2010-11-29 Bug 85227:When trying to load records using ORM, sometimes errors are randomly thrown when working with relationships with the following error message:Object with id: {id} was not of the specified subclass: {En The duplicate has been fixed.
3042974 12 9.0.1 Deferred/NotEnoughTime 2010-12-15 Bug 85391:ColdFusion throws attempted duplicate class definition when accessing a web service -
3043795 12 9.0.1 Deferred/NotEnoughTime 2011-04-25 Bug 86880:-(Watson Migration Closure)If you cfdump a structure with a null value in it, CFDUMP does a good job seeing that and reporting it as an undefined value -
3169196 12 9.0.1 Withdrawn/AsDesigned 2012-04-18 IsValid("integer") does not exclude some none-numeric characters Just read the comments. I'm speechless at Rupesh's work-avoidance justification here.
3036835 11 9.0.0 Deferred/NotEnoughTime 2008-11-26 Bug 73802:Can we please get some reporting (in the debug output, or via logging) of how much time a given request spends in cflock waits? We don't hear call about this, but I would argue it's because few unders Worth reading through, it's a good idea.
3036996 11 9.0.0 Deferred/NotEnoughTime 2008-12-08 Bug 74105:(Watson Migration Closure)Please make semicolon optional in CFSCRIPT -
3037104 11 9.0.0 Withdrawn/Duplicate 2008-12-18 Bug 74515:Many people using CF encounter one common issue: they have to jump through hoops to handle forms that have a number of duplicated fields (username_1, username_2, etc Duplicate has been fixed.
3035960 10 9.0.0 NeverFix/ 2008-09-10 Bug 72926:onMissingMethod() is not invoked for calls made to missing methods inside a component a) they should do it; b) even if not, they should explain the decision; c) but they should do it.
3037208 10 9.0.0 Deferred/NotEnoughTime 2009-01-09 Bug 74860:(Watson Migration Closure)THIS -
3041407 10 9.0.0 Withdrawn/Duplicate 2010-05-04 Bug 82803:See bug 82323 Duplicate has been fixed.
3041680 10 9.0.0 Deferred/NotEnoughTime 2010-06-18 Bug 83390:Better datatype handling when integrating with Java would make java-cfml integration more enjoyableFor example, given a java class that takes a key and a value as arguments, if I pass a 1 as the value Really should fix this one.

What are your thoughts on these ones, or any others?