Tuesday 21 May 2013

New Domain & new blog name

I wasn't quite ready to go live with this, but GoDaddy and Blogspot are more efficient than I hoped they would be, and everything(*) is already redirecting.

So the URL for this blog will now be http://blog.adamcameron.me. Old Blogspot URLs should all be redirecting to that now.

(*) The comments are still migrating between domains on Disqus, so they're all missing at the moment. They should reappear at some stage hopefully.

As for the rename (which I've not done yet, but will do shortly), I'm just making a minor change to title the thing "Adam Cameron's CFML Blog", rather than the slightly incorrect reference to "ColdFusion" in the title, as I discuss Railo's version of CFML as much as I do ColdFusion's.  This is a first step in my more formal support for the opencfml foundation. More on that to come.

And also now that I'm not on a Blogspot domain name, I am gonna start re-evaluating both my blog hosting, and my CFML hosting too.