Friday, 3 July 2015

Critical Lucee Update (also attn Railo users)

There's a security patch for Lucee released today, and if you're running Lucee 4.5, you really must apply it.


Actually don't do what I say here. LAS have ballsed-up and rolled this critical fix in with a bunch of other fixes, and as a result, I can't confidently say you should automatically apply this fix. The fix they're espousing needs to go through full regression testing on your system, rather than being a quick fix: I know of at least one upgrade that has failed because of this. I'm fucked off about having delivered this message and the having to back out of it, and I am following it up.

Lucee have released a blog article about it: "Lucee Stable Release - Security Update Included", and the executive summary is:

Today Lucee would like to announce the latest 4.5 stable release and point out that this release includes a very important security update, so we are recommending that you update to this release as soon as possible. We are however not releasing details of the security issue at this time for several reasons.

Thursday, 2 July 2015


According to Adobe, ColdFusion is 20 today. I tried to track down the exact release date a while back but couldn't find an online press-release or the like, but Anit assures me it was 2 July 1995.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


So today is summer in London, and we're supposed to be hitting 33°C this afternoon, around about knock-off time.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

JavaScript: deduping an array?

I'm being a JavaScript dev at the moment, which is... interesting. My JS ain't bad, but I need to spend a lot of time with my nose in Google  / StackOverflow / MDN.

Here's something that I feel should be easier than I've made it:

Useless ColdFusion community members

"I liked all of them, so I decided not to comment."


If you're any sort of CFML developer, you will go and raise feature requests, point out bugs, and generally get in with the swing of furthering your language.

Monday, 29 June 2015

CFML: apathy at work in the ColdFusion community

The other day I knocked together an article "What I'd like to see in ColdFusion 12 (redux, as is happens)", which lists a bunch of stuff I'd like to see in ColdFusion 12. It was a bit of a speculative list, and just a way of getting people thinking about what they'd like to see in CFML, and perhaps go and actually participate in the future possibilities of their language.

I've cross-referenced each of the ideas I mention to a ticket (a new one, or an existing one if I could find one). Hoping people might go and have a vote or put their oar in or encourage more people to come up with their own ideas.

What I got instead of was 120 comments mostly revolving around how daft Acker Apple happens to be. I'm all for having this pointed out - especially as he seemed to revel in it - but there's more to ColdFusion 12's possibilities than that, is there not?

Sunday, 28 June 2015

PHP 7: three different ways of dealing with much the same error/exception

My foray into how PHP "handles" erroring code continues. And continues down the same vein of "how PHP has made things difficult when they really ought to be straight forward".