Thursday, 18 December 2014

Book review: Adam Tuttle's newest book

Adam's been busy recently. You'll've heard about his new book "REST Web APIs: The Book" which is being released soon - I'll have a review up and a competition to win a copy next week - but he's also released the first book dedicated to ColdFusion 11's newest marquee feature: CFClient.

I know I have derided CFClient a lot, but it does have its good bits, and Adam has worked through them all and put a fairly accessible book together. Granted it's not very long, but for something that focuses on a single tag, I think that's fair enough. It's free and open source, so you should go get it, and give it a read. It might make you think again about whether or not to use CFClient. I have to admit it did give me pause for thought.

Go grab it from it's official website now (it's just a PDF): "CFClient The Good Parts".

I'll get back to you about the REST book next week. The CFClient book'll keep you going until then.



Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Fixing CFScript: CFLDAP

This is the first in a series of brief articles I'm going to write to demonstrate how Adobe (and, for that matter, Railo) could have implemented functionality that was formerly the preserve of tags in CFScript. The first (mostly random) example is <cfldap>. I have picked <cfldap> because someone mentioned it on IRC the other day. And I hated the advice I had to give them by way of implementing their needs in CFScript.

The problem CFML developers are faced with is that both Adobe and Railo are eroding the quality of the CFML language by implemented cross-cutting "generic" solutions for shortfalls in CFScript functionality, rather than addressing each piece of functionality professionally and thoughtfully.

Railo have implemented a generic solution which the CFML Advisory Committee came up with, years ago. The basic model is this:

Hands up: who has issues accessing the ColdFusion bugbase?

There is a continuing issue with access to the Adobe ColdFusion bugbase: when clicking on a link (like this one:, many many people get one of two things:

  1. redirected to a login page (that URL requires no login, so that is invalid);
  2. put into a perpetual redirect loop between ticket and login page.

I think other people have different symptoms too. And a select few actually get to see the bug. 75% of the time, I cannot get to the bug page unless I use an incognito page. Sometimes if I clear my cookies I can get in without an incognito window, but often I still can't.

Adobe are looking at this (our man Kapil is the star there), but they cannot replicate it. This gobsmacks me, TBH, as so many people seem to have issues.

Do me a favour will you? Go click on that bug URL above, and post back what you get? Do you go straight to the ticket (lucky bugger), do you have to login? Do you get into a redirect loop? Something else? If you could let me know your OS, browser (/version) etc, that might help. If you can't get in initially, but blow awway your Adobe cookies, does that help? Anything relevant, really. If you're happy to liaise with Kapil directly, please let him know on Twitter: @KaroraKapil.

Cheers for your help.


PS: oh and vote for that bug, will you? Cheers.

Weekend quiz: Adam Presley's answer (Go)

At long last, I'm continuing to look at each person's submissions for the quiz ("Something for the weekend? A wee code quiz (in CFML, PHP, anything really...)"). There's been a bit of a hiatus because I've been busy with other things, plus generally not that interested in keeping up with this blog. Oops.

OK, so Adam's effort is in Go. The github repo for it can be found here:

G'day World in Go

I've got an odd situation at present... I have a suspected lump on the inside of my eyeball, underneath my retina. I say "suspected" because the symptoms I have are those that I've had before with my other eye, and "a lump" was what it turned out to be. The manifestation of this lump is that I have a "dull" patch in my vision, caused by the light hitting the wrong part of my retina where the lump is, and my brain not quite being able to adjust for it. I'm in the NHS waiting list to get it seen to, but that's not until Dec 31. Last time the treatment was some pills, so I hope it's the same again, rather than it being like something from Un Chien Andalou. Anyway... I'm telling you this because currently I am off work due to only being able to look at a screen for a few minutes at a time, before my head starts hurting. The dull patch is to the immediate right of my focus when reading, meaning the word following the one I am currently reading is "greyed-out". Frustrating as fuck.

I'm finding this jolly tedious, have decided to try to write something today, to check how long it is before I need to give up. Hopefully it'll also give my brain some training to work around the dull patch. In my vision, I mean.

So - other than the fact I'm already at the 250-word mark with completely off-topic nonsense (what is this? CFHour? ;-) - here's a short article on my experiences of getting Go up and running on this box. it's very straight forward, and this article really only serves to demonstrate how straight fwd it is, so as to perhaps give people encouragement to try it out.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Fucking StackOverflow. And new vs createObject() vs entityNew()

I was typing this response on Stack Overflow, and just as I was finishing, the question was closed and I was unable to save it. What a bunch of pricks the rule-makers on StackOverflow are.

I'm not having my work wasted, so I'm publishing it here instead.

Obviously any thoughts or elaborations are welcomed.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Say "no" to Adobe and their bloody stupid generic CFScript syntax

Firstly, sorry this blog has been a bit of a non-event recently. There's various reasons for this - none of them interesting - but I'll get back on form soon. -ish.

Now. Frickin' Adobe.