Thursday 28 February 2013

Update to / reminder about @CfmlNotifier

G'day (again):
A very quick one. Brad Wood is a very helpful community bod, he's one of the main evangelists for Coldbox, and keeps an eye on my prattlings on this blog, keeping me on the straight and narrow.

Yesterday he gave me a nudge on the @CfmlNotifier Twitter feed suggesting it might be helpful if I added a "#ColdFusion" to the status messages I send out when a new ColdFusion or ColdFusion Builder bug is raised on the Adobe Bugbase. I hadn't done this initially as I was very new to Twitter at that point, and wasn't too sure about cluttering up the #ColdFusion space with automated status updates, and figured if anyone wanted to know about CF bugs, they could just "follow" @cfmlnotifier. Brad's comment gave me pause for thought, and I figured the traffic on the bugbase is so low (hardly more than a bug a day really), as is the CF traffic on #ColdFusion (it seems to be mostly about cold fusion, and some hair extension process of that name too), so it'd be no problem to tag the updates with #ColdFusion after all. So I've just done that.

So, yeah, that's why you might see stuff from @cfmlnotifier coming up on the #ColdFusion tag on Twitter now.

This is basically an infomercial for that service, if I'm honest. But it is really pretty useful to subscribe to it and keep track of the stuff people are finding in ColdFusion / CFB. Amongst all the loonies talking about the cold fusion physics snake oil, or their hair falling out due to too much messing with it ;-)