Monday 17 April 2023

CFML: Into the Box 2023

Howdy partner:

Well here's something interesting (well: to me, anyhow). I will be attending the Into the Box conference in Houston, TX in May (17th - 19th). This has come about due to a very kind gesture from Luis / Ortus Solutions. Thank-you so much for this!

I know nothing about Houston - I have been through the airport on the way to somewhere else a coupla times, and that's it - so am getting there a coupla days early to have a look around and make sure the local craft beer bars are patronised.

The schedule of Into the Box itself looks pretty good too, and cover a lot of bases other than just the CFML / Boxiverse side of things. I see "testing" and "TDD" mentioned a coupla times in the schedule, so will be in my element.

The best thing about conferences though is to get to put faces to names, and meet people properly. I might be a surly anti-social type, but I really value the friendships I have built from meeting people at industry conferences, and having an agendaless chat with them over a beer or a watercooler, and got to know them better. I do hope to catch up with a bunch of people from the community who I know only as words appearing in a chat app / forum / etc. And hopefully re-meet some familiar faces too.

And the proof is in the pudding on this "conference socialising" thing: after saying farewell to Houston on the Sunday after the conference, I'm heading over to North Carolina for a few days to hang out with Dan & Jennette Skaggs (and family). I first met D & J @ CF.Obective() (or maybe Dev.Objective()?) many years ago, and we've become really good friends since then. And having had them come visit me on my side of the pond a coupla times; it's my turn to come see their part of the world. I can't wait.

So come and say "G'day" if you see me around the conference, and let's talk about... whatevs. And maybe let's go for a beer :-D

Y'all come back now, hear? (*)


(*) yeah, all right, enough of that.