Monday 29 February 2016

ColdFusion has 2000 new "customers" per quarter. Apparently.

I was surprised to read this, from Rakshith:

[...] we get 20000 new customers ever year [...]
My ellision there does not change the context of what he said at all. It was just in the middle of a comment about something else.

This, obviously, raised some eyebrows. This morning Rakshith modified this claim:

@ Everyone: I stand corrected about new customers. I wanted to say 2000 new customers per quarter. We do not add 20000 new customers but rather it is 2000 new customers per quarter or 8000 new customers per year. I apologize for the confusion.

And yes, I am only referring to ColdFusion new customers here.

That is a bit less unbelievable than 20000, but I'm still keen to hear how they measure that.

I have asked for further clarification.

Interesting though, eh?

One thing I'd say about this though is that - if it's true - then... where are the people joining the online / visible community. If we are harsh and say each of those is a licence, and each of those means one developer doing the work... even if only 1% of them were interested in the online side of the community, we'd still see 20 new faces per quarter. Which... we're not, as far as I can tell. More's the pity.

Still: I think this is more a case of Rakshith presenting conveniently described numbers which do not in reality reflect what one might expect "2000 new customers per quarter" to actually mean.


Rakshith has just updated:

@Adam: New customers in this context are entities or organizations that have never bought ColdFusion from us in the past. Each such customer has bought one or more units of Standard or Enterprise. 8000 new customers will mean more than 8000 new units purchased.

Blimey. Where are they all?