Tuesday 26 January 2016

ColdFusion: a list of tickets I'm awaiting an update on

This is just gonna be a list of ColdFusion tickets I've raised, which are currently marked "to fix" but have no indication of in which release they're gonna be fixed. As the ColdFusion 2016 programme has been under way for about six months now, it's a bit odd that Adobe haven't been more firm about what's going on with them. I'm gonna compile a list here, and put it on the ColdFusion Team's radar.

It's gonna be pretty dry reading. It's gonna be literally a list of links. You should probably just close the browser window now. Unless you're from the Adobe ColdFusion Team, I mean. IN which case you should open every single one of them and follow it up, pls.

Hey... I did tell you it was just gonna be a list of links.