Saturday 23 January 2016

Am I being bullied? Or am I a bully? I'm definitely being a Big Meany again

Just a quick one.

Michael Smith has been doing the hard work with the annual "State of the CF Union Survey 2016". Go fill it in if you're a CFML dev and haven't done so yet. Michael has posted some intermediary results: "State of the CF Union survey 2016 - partial results".

I had a quick scan over the results - I'll leave it for someone else to comment on them in more depth - but I just had to share this observation respondent #23 made:

Glad Adam Cameron is stopping CF, maybe the community as a whole can start to heal from his years of negative post after negative post. He did more damage to CF than any other single factor IMO.
Aaw bless. I'm pleased you think I have that much impact in the community. Sadly I think you put rather too much stock in my community "penetration" and my importance in the bigger scheme of things. Almost all people who use ColdFusion have no frickin' idea who I am. And - of the ones that do know who I am - I get the impression really rather a lot agree with my position, even if a few (a lot?) of them don't necessarily like the way I articulate it. Hey... even I don't like the way I articulate it some times.

But yes, sure, there's a tiny wee minority such as yerself who seem to take it all a bit too seriously. Fortunately no-one else does. Well: I say "fortunately"... I sometimes wish Adobe took it a bit more seriously, but hey ho: they don't. It won't stop me trying.

I'm gobsmacked you place me as the top of the "problem list" for what ails ColdFusion. That is... um... really ignorant. And perhaps a wee bit detached from reality.

I think it's safe to say that - other than a few features I pushed to get into CFML and were successful with, and a few bugs I leaned on Adobe (or Railo, or Lucee) to get fixed and was successful with that - my impact on ColdFusion and its direction has been minimal. Same as with pretty much everyone in the community. Adobe don't really listen to us, after all.

I s'pose I should be annoyed that you put more stock in my whiney blog posts (or comments elsewhere) than you do in all the positive work I've done for the community, of which there's been a fair amount I think? Most of my articles here are discussing coding concepts or documenting the solutions to problems and the like, and a lot have pretty positive feedback. And I do spend a fair chunk of my spare time on Stack Overflow (where I am the top - read "most helpful" - users for ColdFusion. And specifically for ColdFusion 11, 10. And 9 and 8. And Lucee. And second to Peter Boughton for CFML and Railo), and before that on the Adobe ColdFusion forums where I'm one of the top users despite having not really touched the thing for a few years. That's not an exercise in hubris, it's more just a demonstration of exactly how bloody awful I must be if all that lot is trumped by the odd "being a big meany" commentary I make. Bloody hell, I'm a hell of a big meany in your eyes.

It's a shame - for you - that you are a bit of a "glass half empty, and I think what's in it seems to be piss" sort of person.

But good on you for taking your time to make a comment like that. I hope it brought you warmth. It did bring me a chuckle.

Righto, off to do something more useful with my time (which would be... you know... anything really). I'll let you get back to pushing pins into the eyes of your Adam Cameron dolly, or whatever it is you get up to on the weekend.