Thursday 19 November 2015

... and... Adobe hot fixes it

Just a quick follow-up to this morning's article: "CAUTION: Latest ColdFusion 11 patch breaks (at least some) code using "/>" in CFML tags"

Well knock me over with a feather... they're released a hot-fix for it! How good is that?

It's attached to the ticket: "CFPOP doesn't create the query given by name="" with updater 7 installed".

I still think they need to withdraw update 7, bake that hot fix into it, and release it again (as update 8), but at least this should get Tom going.

I haven't tested it as I'm behind a firewall here and cannot get to a POP server, but I'll report back when I have confirmation it actually fixes the problem.

Good snappy work there Adobe. And good to see it's possible for you to release individual hot fixes.