Wednesday 30 September 2015

Survey: bug tracking software UX expectations

I haven't done a survey for a while. This one is a quicky about bug tracking software: "Bug tracking software expectations". It's only got a few questions:
  • What bug tracking software do you use?
  • When reading comments that have been added to an issue, in which order would you expect them to be listed?
  • When voting for an issue would you prefer (out of the listed options)
  • How important to you is it to be able to (perform a list of common bug-tracking tasks)
  • If you are a user of the Adobe ColdFusion bug tracker, what are your thoughts on it?

The last question kinda gives away my motivation for asking these questions: I'm hoping to lean on Adobe to get some stuff in their bug tracker to be changed.

Help me build a case, if you like. That URL again (in case you've lost it amongst the preceding dozen lines of text ;-) is