Friday 10 July 2015


This is yet another code-free article, I'm afraid. I know I've been slack recently :-( I do have a coupla code-centric articles in the pipeline, which should be out the door over the weekend, with luck.

Anyway, this is all about the #CFML Slack channel. Here's the good news:

That 500 (at time of writing... it should be higher than that by the time you read this) is the number of CFML community members signed up to the #CFML Slack channel. That's not bad given it's only existed for a coupla weeks. If you haven't signed up yet... get on over there. Just click the thing above to get invited.

The #CFML Slack channel is not just about ColdFusion or CFML, there are the following other subchannels too:

  • adobe
  • aws
  • bot-dev
  • box-products
  • cf12
  • cfkrauts
  • cfml-general
  • cfwheels
  • coldspring
  • css
  • fw1
  • hosting
  • ide
  • javascript
  • java-and-jvn
  • jobs
  • lucee
  • meta
  • mobile
  • muracms
  • nsfw
  • opensource
  • orm
  • security
  • slack-help
  • taffy
  • testbox
  • watercooler

There are representatives from both Adobe (Anit and Elishia) and Lucee (Alex, Dom) hanging out there too. As well as all the other usual suspects: Anit Kumar Panda, Sean Corfield, Adam Tuttle, Kai Koenig, Gavin Pickin, Brad Wood, Ray Camden, Pete Freitag, Ross-the-lippy-bastard-from-Scotlandia (and - yeah - you too, if you're looking at that and wondering why yer name isn't there) etc.

The discussion is pretty good at the moment too. If you want to hang-out with your colleagues, of if you need help (or you want to offer help), then sign-up.

Do me a favour too? If you're the one social-media-active person in your team... try to get the other people signed-up too? We really need to augment the community as much as we can. So if you can help out by coercing some other people to give "community participation" a go... cool!

Hopefully see you on there at some point.