Saturday, 27 June 2015

CFML: Slack

Ages ago I encouraged ppl to join us on the ##coldfusion IRC channel ("I... aaaah... see"). Thanks to the likes of Ryan, Dan and Sean, I was introduced to the new #cfml slack channel last night, which seems to be mostly like IRC, but given a C21st treatment to the UI & UX. So I think I'll probably migrate over there.

If you're a CFML dev of any stripe, get yerself over there. There's separate sub-channels for ColdFusion and Lucee (and FW/1), and - trust me - it's the most expedient way of a) getting help with CFML issues; b) networking with other CFML community members. If yer a CFML dev you should be wanting to do both of those things.

Currently you will need to request an invite to get a login, but there's a bunch of people who can issue invites, and Ryan's just given me auth to do so. So hit me up if you want to join. Twitter DM is probably the best way, and I'm happy to "follow" you so you can DM if you give me a nudge on @dac_dev. Or my email address is on "Communications policy". If you DM me, I will need an email address to use to invite you.


Just click on this:

Or use the form here.

I've omitted the URL to the joint here cos you do need the invite before you can get in, and the URL will be dispatched with said invite.

See you there. Oh, and if yer a CFMLer and reading this... spread the word, yeah? RT this: