Thursday 23 April 2015

Help Indy

I probably should have got onto this earlier, as it's the last day this funding campaign is running, but... err... didn't think about it.

Indy is a fella I follow on Twitter... he's part of our CFML community. He's one of the brightest potentials in New Zealand's IT industry, as demonstrated by his application Parent Interviews. He's been working on this since he was still at school (he's in second year @ uni now, I think), and has got himself onto the tech radar in New Zealand as one to watch ("Website graduates to take on world").

Indy's 19.

Anyway, he's after some $$$ to expand his horizons, and I reckon he deserves the encouragement.

I've just flicked him some money myself, and I know perennial CFML community member Kai has too.

Go on. It's worth it. But hurry up... the campaign finishes today I think.


Please also circulate the word: