Friday 27 February 2015

Guerilla tactics to force Adobe's hands

It's Friday afternoon and I'm in a cheeky mood.

I dunno if you spend much time voting on ColdFusion issues, but I do. And if you do, you have probably fallen foul of this message when you vote:
Vote must be between 25 and 4000 characters
No. No Adode, no. A vote should be precisely one mouseclick: "Vote". There's a comments box for comments, that's different. A vote is a vote.

I've raised this with Adobe an awful lot, but their attitude is kinda "closed/neverFix/cantBeArsed".

Can you pls consider helping me force their hand here?

Below is 4000 chars of vote text for you to use. Perhaps when you vote, you can use those 4000 chars to make your vote really felt ;-)

Childish, I know. But lack-of-professionalism in their attitude warrants a bit of quid pro quo, I reckon.

And it'll be a laugh.

BTW: go vote for this: