Friday 5 September 2014

OK, so CFCamp 2014 after all

As you may or may not know, I'm almost certainly going to be leaving the CFML world shortly. I should have clarity on that in a few weeks, and will give you the details then.

Last year Mike Hnat - organiser of CFCamp - very kindly covered my costs to go to CFCamp 2013, and I had a really excellent time (see various articles on the topic here: "CFCamp"), and promised myself and him I'd be back in 2014. And planned to do it on my own dime this time.

However just as CFCamp 21014 rolls around... I'm shuffling off the CFML mortal coil. Suck! So I cancelled my ticket and jutted out my bottom lip and shelved the idea.

However (yes, another one: lazy writing)... over the last coupla days I've been speaking to a coupla people who seem to have an odd ability to twist my (admittedly rubberish) arm... and I've decided "sod it, I wanna hang out with the CFML crew", so I'm gonna go.


Luckily one of our chaps at work - Gitesh - won a ticket to it at the last London Railo Group meeting, and he can't go, so I've managed to swipe his ticket. Given the conference is only in Germany, flights are pretty cheap, and I think the local hotel is reasonable too, so it's more doable for me than CF.Objective() has been.

Anyway, that's good news. Who else is going? I'm looking forward to having some pints with everyone.

And - Salted - your deal re me covering your beer tab is back on again, I guess!