Friday 11 July 2014

Quickly: read Sean's comments and code

I said this on Twitter last night, but in case you're wise enough not to busy yourself with that sort of nonsense, I'll repeat it here.

A few days ago I posted some woolly code which implemented a case / when in CFML ("Some more TestBox testing, case/when for CFML and some dodgy code"), and solicited help in improving it.

Sean's leapt to the fore and reworked it in a much more clean fashion. His comments start here, and there's links to his code. He's put a lot of effort into it, and I'm quite chuffed he's taken the time that he has.

So thanks, Sean. And everyone else: you could learn a thing or two by comparing my effort and his approach to tidying it up.

I haven't analysed his code thoroughly myself yet - I've just had no time - but will be doing so over the weekend, and will write up my conclusions.

Again: thanks Sean.